6 Tips for Getting the Perfect Blowout For Your Hair

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I do not have a steady hand when it comes to blowing out my hair at home. My natural texture is medium-fine and it falls somewhere between wavy and curly, which means that smoothing things out with a blow dryer and flat iron is a process that I perform every other day. Over the years, I have learned a few things that make hair care and styling much easier.


1. The right tool makes all of the difference

Start by investing in the right hairdryer. Technology is constantly changing and there are just as many impressive options available at the drugstore as there are at the salon. I prefer something lightweight with a powerful air flow. Choosing something with a higher wattage means that you can turn down the heat, protecting your hair from unnecessary damage.


2. Don’t style wet hair

It’s important to make sure that your hair is 75% dry before you blast it with a blow dryer. I like to wrap mine up in a turban-style microfiber towel right out of the shower, which expedites the drying process and allows me to multitask while I wait for things to dry.


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It’s important to choose styling products depending on your hair type and needs. Using something too heavy on fine hair will make your style fall flat, and using drying products on thick or coarse hair will cause unwanted frizz. Everyone should be sure to use something that protects hair from the heat so as to prevent the damage that comes from heat styling.


4. Sections are your friend

Dividing hair into sections and drying at a downward angle has made a huge difference in the speed at which I’m able to smooth things out. Finding the right brush can make all the difference.  I have never been able to get the hang of a round brush, so I use a flat vented brush which works just fine and does not get tangled.


5. Seal the deal

After hair is dry, a light hold spray will bring some added shine and make sure that your work of art goes the distance. I look for something with flexible hold so that your hair does not get stiff, just stays fresh and shapely. A product with a beautiful scent is a major bonus, as you’ll catch whiffs of it all day long.


Shop Shampoos on HSN6. Make it last

If you have not discovered dry shampoo, this product will extend the life of your blowout for two, three, even four days. Concentrating a powder version at your roots zaps oil and adds volume, helping your style to bounce back. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase with a loose ponytail will also reduce friction and frizz.


Have you mastered the at-home blowout? What additional tricks do you have?




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