6 Beauty Products To Always Use Together

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Twice is nice and some things like make up, hair and skin care products work better when paired with the right partner. To get the biggest benefit from your beauty routine you should always apply certain products together. Read up on my pairings advice to see what products might be missing from your beauty routine, and which ones to use in tandem.


1. Cleansers and Toners

We always wash our faces at night to remove dirt and makeup, but do we always follow up with a toner? Toners are used to restore the pH balance of the skin which cleansers can alter. Beyond that, a toner adds antioxidant protection and prepares the skin for moisturizing. Wei East offers a White Lotus Hydrating Toning Complex that can help ready your skin to absorb moisture after cleansing.


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2. Serums and Moisturizers

Serums and moisturizers seem similar but they actually serve very different purposes. A serum is thin and lipid soluble so the skin can absorb it into deep layers for cell-renewal and protection. Moisturizers are rich and creamy and sit on top of the skin to allow a slow surface hydration. Used together you’ll get the best complexion. M-61 offers great hydration with the m-61 Hydraboost Star Power Kit that comes with a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer. Elizabeth Arden is also a skincare expert and they offer the Eight Hour Cream Lip and Skin Protectant Duo as a good choice for following up a serum.


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3. Primers and Make Up

Makeup helps to create an even skin tone and hide blemishes, but a primer is what will create a smooth skin texture for makeup to adhere to. Primers fill in lines and wrinkles so that foundation, blush, and eyeshadow glides on effortlessly for a polished look. Too Faced has the answer to these makeup needs with their Too Faced Hangover Face Primer and their Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer with Brush. The two products work beautifully together to give your face a natural glow.


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4. Texturizer and Hairspray

Texturizer can emphasize your hair’s natural body or help build volume without the use of heated styling. It provides a flexible hold to hair but it is not hairspray. Hairspray should always be used as a finishing product to solidify what you’ve already built. Use the Shut Up & Kiss Me Dry Texture Spray  followed up by the You Complete Me Firm Hold Hairspray from Martino by Martino Cartier to create style and hold that will last all day.


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What are two products you always use together?

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