5 Tried and True Tips to a Better Night of Rest

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Sleep glorious sleep. It used to be sugar I craved, now sleep is the new treat. Treat? No! It is absolutely positively essential! It cannot be overestimated how important this is. They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason! Here are some best bets on how to get those zzzz’s. Your mind, body and spirit with thank you.


1. Cover Electronics & Other Light Sources

Let There Be Light – Not! It has got to be dark. A sleep mask? So uncool? Let’s rethink this. Have you ever had the power go off at night? It is so much darker without the cable box LED, digital alarm clock and the back yard outdoor lights beaming in under your shades. Black out shades are truly a help here too. Think of them as an eye mask for your window.


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If there is no airflow you are probably going to get hot at some point. A great Egyptian Cotton blanket lets your whole body breathe. Not all cotton is the same, those Egyptians got this right too. Try it and you’ll feel the difference. If it is winter and you need to be bundled up it is still important to manage your airflow. Like ducks and their feather and down.


3. Manage The Sound Around You

It sounds soothing doesn’t it? Well when the cats are purring by you and all is well with the world. It is the best. It is the worst when you are up in the middle of the night because they meow to let you know they exist. Train your cat, dog, ferret or whatever critter lives at your place to not bother you at night. It can be done. There are tons of people who have successfully done this. You can be one of them.


4. Block Out Sounds You Can’t Control

What? – You may not realize how sensitive to noise you really are. The air conditioner buzz, the cat’s purr, the dog’s snore, all add up to a big noise fest while you are trying to rest. Earplugs really do work. You will probably need to get used to them and when you do you will wonder how you ever got along without them.


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Your neck and shoulders are communicating with you regarding the pillow on your bed. You really do need one that is “just right” for you.. If you find one you can wash in the clothes washer all the better. Find that special pillow and sweet dreams!


What makes you sleep better?

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