5 Tricks For Melt-Proof Makeup During Summer

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We toil away to perfect application techniques and get our look right where we want it only to have humidity, oil or rain melt off our makeup by midday. While sporting a bare face feels great it’s not a full-time solution. We can’t change the season’s heat so we have to learn to live with it in style! This summer we have new tricks for building up our defenses on melt-proof makeup that can get us from point A to point B in no sweat.


1. Prime For The Heat

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If you live in a humid climate adding another layer to your makeup routine can seem counterproductive but skipping on primer is actually worse. Primers help makeup adhere to skin and can also help even out skin tone. Choosing a lightweight formula like this Photo Finish Primer Water from Smashbox will ensure your makeup stays put and it will give your face a boost of moisture to help prevent skin from producing excess oil. Don’t forget about slick trouble spots like eyelids too; this Shadow Insurance Primer will keep your eyeliner and eyeshadow blended and crease free all day.


2. Drop Heavy Foundations

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We wouldn’t wear a down jacket if it’s hot outside so why do we forget to trade out our heavy creams and foundations during summer? Help your makeup stay fresh by switching to as many oil-free formulas and lighter options as you can during these warmer months. A great option is to use light contour powders to define and brighten skin rather than applying heavy color correcting creams. This Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection kit will give skin a tan and bright glow and better yet it comes with 3 sample packets of the Born This Way oil-free foundation from Too Faced.


3. Waterproof Works

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If your day is going to be spent outdoors you can waterproof almost every aspect of your makeup routine. Water resistant mascara can defend eyes, matte finishing sprays work to set foundation, and special lipsticks like this Metal Liquified Lipstick will resist bleeding. A liquid stain will sink into lips and provide all day color that can’t easily smudge off. With a precision tip this lipstick doesn’t even require a liner.


The rule with waterproof makeup is if you choose to use it you also need to properly remove it. Regular cleansers won’t break down waterproof barriers and it’s essential to clean skin and let it breathe again after wearing these products. To clean off waterproof makeup you’ll want a remover that’s gentle and all encompassing like this Long Wear Makeup Remover from Dermablend that can be used on eyes, face, and lips.


4. Keep It Clean

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Maintaining a fresh face starts and ends with our cleansing routine. During the summer we will sweat more and be prone to breakouts which we’ll then want to cover up with more makeup and skin will react even worse. See the unending circle? Unconscious actions like resting our chin on our hand or playing with our hair while thinking add to a dirty face further too. The best treatment for melt-proof makeup is to be hands off as much as possible and always wash your face every night with a thorough cleanser like this Refreshing Cleanser from BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz. Also change out pillowcases more often!


5. Blot When Necessary

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Even under the best circumstances there will be times where our makeup is starting to slide and we need to soak up some of that oil before things get really slippery. Blotting papers are a great option to keep in your purse but if you want to stay really hands off (like we talked about!) then a blotting stick is even better. This Instant Oil-Blotting Stick by Benefit Cosmetics allows for targeted blotting in hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and eyes. It’s also looks a little more discreet to use a stick like this in public spaces.


Do you have a trick that prevents your makeup from melting off during summer?

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