5 Tips to Make Your Spring Break A Success

5 Tips to Make Your Spring Break A Success


It’s almost that time of year again, no not tax season, I’m talking about the spring season and more specifically, spring break! After a long, cold winter, or maybe just too many long, cold days in our aggressively air-conditioned offices, we’re all ready for a little escape. A short weekend or week-long trip is just what the doctor ordered to revive our spirits. However, sometimes poor planning leads us to need a vacation from our vacations. Avoid the common pitfalls of traveling with my spring break travel tips. It will ensure that your dream getaway becomes a reality!


1. Be A Creative Jet-Setter

When we hear the words “Spring break” many of us instantly envision the sun-kissed beaches of Florida but a tropical vacation isn’t our only option. Nontraditional spring break locations like New Orleans, LA, Charleston, SC, and Washington D.C. offer a change of scenery and usually also ones with smaller crowds. Another great option is camping or lodging at any of our country’s amazing National and State parks.


2. Book Early

As soon as you know where your wayfaring heart wants to go–book it! Spring is a popular travel time what with families having their children off for school breaks, the weather improving, and many national festivals abounding during the season. If you procrastinate too long on booking a trip you may have to endure higher prices or the possibility of your first choice accommodations being lost.


3. Plan Your Packing

Learning how to pack for a trip is an invaluable skill that will save you time and worry on vacation. A good rule of thumb to follow is for a weekend trip (2-3 days) a simple carry-on suitcase like my Embossed Ombre Wheeled Weekender Bag should give you the space for a few outfits changes and toiletries. For a week long vacation some people might still like to squeak by with a weekender bag, you go you spartan sightseerers!, but many will prefer the comfort of a slightly larger suitcase like the 20″ Expandable Upright Ombre Spinner. For those planning a 2+ week long trek I’d recommend combining my 25″ Expandable Upright Ombre Spinner with a Dowel bag. That way you have the room to bring 1-2 additional pairs of shoes, a book or other personal items, and leave room in your bag for souvenirs on the return trip.

3pc Ombre Spinner Set


4. Do Your Research

Heading off to faraway places and foreign lands can be really exciting but also a little intimidating. One thing that always helps to break the ice, so to speak, on a new place is to make an acquaintance there. Before heading off on a trip send out a query to your friends, family, and social groups if they know anyone in that area who you could meet up with. Another option is to book tours in advance that will help you to meet other travelers or potentially locals in that new area.


5. Pack Snacks

I’m pretty sure we all were first taught this rule in Kindergarten but it’s worth repeating: You should always pack snacks! Flights get delayed, buses get rerouted, and traffic jams happen and all of these unforeseen circumstances could mean that we arrive at our destinations later than planned. If you get in late and everything is already closed for the night, having a safety snack in your bag like peanut butter and crackers can be a lifesaver. Packing a few snacks for your trip is also a great and easy way to cut down on expenses while on vacation. Try my Wire-Framed Cooler Tote for a stylish way to pack a lunch on the go.

Wire-Framed Cooler Tote


Where will you go this spring break? Tell me in the comments below!

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