5 Tips From Trish McEvoy

Here are my favorite tips when transitioning your beauty look from Summer to Fall:

  1. Prime and brighten the upper-eye with Eye Base Essentials before applying eye shadow to correct darkness and create a bright-eyed look while locking shadow in place for crease-proof, all-day wear
  2. One of my key tips for looking gorgeous is looking rested. My Triangle of Light method will help banish under eye darkness and illuminate the face to deliver a look of 8 hours of beauty sleep:

    • Apply Instant Eye Lift in an upside down triangle underneath each eye. Make sure the triangle stretches from each corner of the eye and down alongside the nose then fill it in.
    • Pat gently into the skin with a laydown brush until perfectly blended

  3. The simplest way to instantly transform a look like is to add definition to the eyes. My makes it easy to create a smoldering, budge-proof lid in just one stroke:

    • Lift up your lid and dot my Intense Gel Eye Liner between lashes (not on the waterline) for instant high-powered definition.
    • Glide my pigment-rich 24-Hour Eye Shadow & Liner along the lash line and blend up to just above the crease.
    • To complete the look apply my iconic Lash Curling Mascara starting at the base of lashes and wiggle in a side-by-side motion up through the tips.

  4. Enhance your bone structure and eliminate signs of fatigue quickly and easily with my :

    • Apply Bronzer using an angled face brush in the shape of a C into a 3—from the widow’s peak to the apple of the cheek then around the jawline—and down onto the neck, blending well.
    • Apply Highlight using a small face brush along the upper cheekbone or wherever you desire illumination.
    • To brighten your complexion, apply Blush using a small face brush to the high apple of your cheek—the fullest peak when you smile—blending slightly out but never beyond the eyebrow.

  5. The Power of Brows can’t be overstated. Eyebrows frame the eyes, and help give you a well groomed look.

    • Redefine your brow using my Precision Brow Shaper System, place the pencil against the side of your nose, in line with the inner corner of your eye, and mark where your brow should begin.
    • Next, keeping its base in place, rotate the pencil’s tip to the outer edge of the pupil, and mark where your brow should arch. Lastly, rotate the pencil’s to the outer corner of your eye and mark where your brow should end.
    • Following your guidelines, fill in your brow.
    • For added lift highlight under the brow bone using Eye Brightener Shell.

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