5 Summer Beauty Rules from Trish McEvoy



Summer is about lightening up. From our moods, menus and clothes to our makeup textures and fragrance, the best response to the intensities of summer is to keep it cool. When it comes to makeup this means putting away your deep tones and always checking your application in natural light. The goal? To look as carefree as you feel.


Read on for my Top 5 Tips to summarize your beauty!


1. Lighten Your Scent

Just as you opt for lighter refreshments this time of year, you want to cut through the heat with a fragrance that feels fresh and cool. To lighten up your summer scent, add a bright citrus or light floral to your wardrobe of woodsy, spicy and rich bouquets.


Shop Trish McEvoy Primers and Concealers on HSN2. Power of Primers: Long-Wear Makeup

Primers are never more powerful than in the summer months. From eye primers that keep shadow locked on lids to face primers that prolong your makeup wear, the magical barriers work by sealing moisture into skin, controlling oil and giving your eye and face colors the perfect canvas to adhere to. They are essential if you want your makeup to outlast a summer day—and let the sun do the shining.


3. Importance of Cleansing

Nothing feels as good as cleansing your face after a long day of summer fun. To simplify your PM cleansing routine, transition to a skin cleansing water. The day’s worth of sunscreen, long-wear makeup and sweat will remove like a dream.


Shop Trish McEvoy Blushes and Highlighters on HSN4. Bronzer and Blush

A healthy bronzed glow is the face of summer. To achieve the perfect glow, a touch of blush is also a must. Apply your bronzer with a fluffy brush for soft definition and your blush with a small brush onto the high apple of the cheek. You’ll look as if you’ve just come in from an outdoor activity!


5. Organized and Ready to Go!

Summer is full of spontaneity—be ready to seize your chances to get away (without compromising on beauty) at a moment’s notice! Keep yourself ready to get up and go with all your beauty essentials organized in one portable cosmetic case.


As always the best beauty secrets are to feel confident and have fun—it shows!


What are your summer beauty secrets?

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