5 Spring Beauty Must Haves For Every Woman

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The idea of “what’s old is new again” works great for fashion but for makeup, hair products, and skin care I’d rather refresh my supplies for each season especially with so many great new products becoming available! Let’s replenish our beauty bags for spring with these 5 must-have items that will help with anti-aging, perfecting our skin’s tone and texture, and giving new life to our post-winter hair. Any woman can become a beauty expert with these 5 products at her disposal.


1. A Moisturizing Serum

We’ve talked about serums before but their benefits can’t be stressed enough. A serum absorbs into the deepest layers of our skin to provide serious rejuvenation. Used over time a serum will help diminish fine lines and wrinkles and allow our makeup to go on smoother with cleaner coverage. Take a tip from the experts at Serious Skincare by trying the Creamerum™ Evolve Cream/Serum Blended Facial Beauty Treatment. It blends the best of serums and cream moisturizers to deliver antioxidant nourishment and hydration to multiple levels of our skin for anti-aging results.

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2. A Lightweight Foundation

With the weather improving we can let our skin breathe the fresh air with a lightweight foundation that can multitask as a moisturizer and UV protector too. Tinted moisturizers have improved in formulation to rival traditional foundations for great coverage and they’re easy to apply. The Jouer Matte Moisture Tint with “Try Me” Lip Enhancer from Jouer Cosmetics goes on smoothly and will blend into your skin’s natural tone while lightly concealing imperfections. It can be retouched and layered on as needed throughout the day.

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3. An Eyebrow Shaper

A defined brow is an inexpensive and painless way to give ourselves a face lift. To look fresher this spring without needing to apply too much product try filling in your eyebrows and watch the subtle transformation that occurs. The trick is to pick a shade that is a step lighter than your natural hair color and to work from the brow bridge at your nose in sweeping motions towards the tail. A great low-maintenance product for eyebrow shaping is the Brow Sketcher Brush-On Brow Shaper from Ready To Wear.

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4. A Hair Volumizer

Our hair naturally loses some volume, body, and thickness through the seasons of our lives. With a good volumizer though our strands can live in a perpetual summer. Restore body, bounce, and texture to hair with a volumizer that targets the roots to create a look of fullness. The 24K Root Envy Root Boost from Sally Hershberger will give hair a boost of volume without a sticky finish or one that feels too stiff.

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5. A Fresh Scent

In winter deep, muskier perfumes make sense as they mix well with our heavier wardrobe and can cut through the cold air, but spring should be much lighter. Choose a spring scent that has floral notes with a spiced base to wake up your senses every morning. The Viva La Juicy So Intense Special Edition Parfum from Juicy Couture will be a great choice with its bright finish of wild berries and mandarin.

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Which spring beauty must-have do you want to try first?

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