5 HSN Hosts Share Style Advice Over Dinner

Host Anniversary


Recently I had dinner with some of my colleagues at HSN who are also celebrating milestone anniversaries of being on air hosts for anywhere from 10-20 years. That is more live TV than most actors or anchors will ever see. The conversation covered all kinds of topics including what we have learned about life on TV including some beauty and wardrobe tips. Here are a few of them. Hope they work as well for you as they do for us.


1. Bill’s Advice: Take care of your skin

Doing live TV for over 20 years has taught Bill plenty about looking good. His tip: make sure the skin detail filter is turned up! HD TV can be harsh! But so can every day lighting. Good skin at any age is so important. Be sure to use SPF and to get that natural glow without the harmful rays of the sun. Tan Towel is a go-to for most of us hosts!


2. Connie Advice: A nice smile goes a long way

Connie Craig-Carroll has logged thousands of hours on live TV on HSN. Connie lets it all shine with those movie star white teeth and smile. It really is so important to let your inner happy show through your smile. Lip glosses that give you beauty benefits really  double time which is why Korres lip products are such a find. Beauty products “benefits!”. Plus they taste good! When it comes to getting your teeth whiter without a hassle go to the experts like IntelliWHITE and save yourself a trip to the dentist for whitening.


3. Callie’s Advice: Be diligent about washing your face

Callie Northagen is someone who has been in the limelight for decades. Always washing your face before you go to bed is so simple but important and dont forget the neck area. It is so overlooked until you start to notice it isn’t keeping pace to your face. Korres Makeup Wipes and Lancome’s Bificils always get all the make-up and dirt of the day off skin effortlessly.


4. Alyce’s Advice: Have a couple pairs of high heels at the ready

Alyce Caron was a big time news anchor in Texas before she became a host on HSN. She

has seen it all and been there done that when it comes to beauty. An observation I have about Alyce from working next to her for all these years is a good pair of high heels can go a long way to make an outfit. Even if you are just wearing them into the restaurant and you take them off under the table! On a more philosophical note, her advice is simple: Be Yourself. You are enough.


5. Shivan’s Advice: Pamper your hands and feet, they do a lot!

Now for my tips. So many tips so little blog space. Here are some ideas that I would have

never appreciated as much if I hadn’t been on TV for 15 years. Take good care of your hands. They, like the neck, are often overlooked. Use SPF on them and a good anti aging serum. Elysee has never let me down for my face or hands. Since my feet are really mad at me for being in those heels for so many years, I wish I had done this one sooner:  doctor up your shoes. I swear by Foot Petals. They have saved my feet and made me fall back in love with shoes I wanted to throw out the window.


The best tip that has worked for me in life is meditation. It feeds EVERYTHING else. When you are more centered and balanced you are the best YOU ever. Now that is beautiful!

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