5 Good For You Body Beauty Basics

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It’s easy to remember the beauty routine we should practice on our faces, after all we see ourselves in the mirror every morning and every night, but the attention that we pay to the rest of our body can be slacking. It’s time to get back to basics and appreciate every inch of our beautiful skin by finding the right products that will make it glow with a healthy sheen. The say the clothes makes the woman, but why not wear the skin we’re born with better first?


1. Body Oils


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Body oils are receiving a lot more attention in the beauty world today and rightly deserved as they work completely differently than body creams. These silky skin treatments penetrate to deeper layers of skin as they are oil-based and blend with our skin cell’s layers effortlessly. The misconception with body oils is that they will leave you feeling, well oily, but that isn’t the case. The Olive Oil Replenishing Body Oil by Serious Skincare will absorb as quickly as a moisturizer and will help defeat dry skin better, restoring your glow.


2. Skin Texture


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Dry skin will leave us looking ashen but tired skin actually affects the texture we see. Improve your skin’s elasticity, smooth its texture and reduce fine lines with a gentle body exfoliation. The Body Refining Polish by Beauty Bioscience can be used before showering to let dead skin slough off for softer, more glowing skin. Beauty Bioscience also has formulated the Neck and Décolleté Set with Cellular Renewal Beauty Treatment for specifically targeting the delicate skin under the chin and neck that shows signs of aging first. It uses the same exfoliation techniques but is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to restore luminosity and firmness.


3. Body Creams


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After giving your skin a healthy roughening up to exfoliate you will want to follow up with a nourishing body cream. Unlike body oils, body creams are meant to be used for surface hydration and to lock in moisture after a shower. The White Honey Body Cream by Perlier will help restore the skin’s moisture membrane that will make it feel more smooth and supple to the touch. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that this body cream smells heavenly too!


4. Sunless Safe Tanning


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A moderate dose of vitamin D from the sun is wonderful but there are other ways to also safely achieve a glowing tan. At home tanning options are easier on skin because there is no moisture or UV repair damage-control that is needed to be done. If you want a sun-kissed glow from your spot in the shade try the Express Bronzing Mousse 2-piece Kit by Karora. This unique formula will adjust to your skintone ensuring a natural, healthy look.


5. Cuticle Care


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The finishing touches on body care ends at our fingers and our toes. Our hands perform all manner of tasks that can leave them dry and vulnerable so include a solid nail care regimen in your routine that moisturizes the delicate skin around your nails. The 4-piece Cuticle Care Set by Deborah Lippmann will work to relieve dryness, prevent hangnails, and help your next manicure shine! Speaking of manicures, the Soft Shades and Drip Dry Set by OPI has some beautiful neutrals for a healthy glow.


How do you pamper your body?

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