5 Gift Sets You’ll Almost Want To Keep For Yourself

5 Gift Sets You’ll Almost Want To Keep For Yourself

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Gift giving season is on the horizon and as happy as we are to begin spoiling our favorite people with presents, there’s also a certain sense of dread that can prelude this annual tradition. We’re excited to spend time with the people we love but we’re anxious to find those “perfect” gifts. One of the easiest ways to solve this gift giving conundrum is with gift sets, especially beauty sets. We’ve got 5 great beauty gift sets that can cover all of the names on your shopping list.


Everyone deserves to be pampered from time to time and the gift of a beauty set encourages us to do so. Best yet, beauty sets normally include trial size portions of various products, letting the recipient sample a larger collection of unique goodies. Liberated from having to commit to big purchases on a single product, gift sets are a great way for someone to get turned on to a new product or brand they’ll love!


Here are 5 of our top beauty gift set picks:


1. Benefit Cosmetics Party Poppers 12-piece Set

Benefit Cosmetics Party Poppers 12-piece Set

The beauty gurus behind Benefit Cosmetics pride themselves on having a product to tackle every makeup desire and if they don’t have it, they’re willing to try and make it! Due to this their line of cosmetics has some really unique offerings like primer meant specifically to prevent eye makeup from creasing or smudging off. Some of the other favorites in this set are the POREfessional foundation that fights shine and minimizes the appearance of pores, and Lollitint that gives a subtle, warm glow to the lips and cheeks. Makeup sets are great gifts that can educate someone on new, specialized products that they might not get the chance to learn about otherwise.


2. Taya Gift of Beauty 5-piece Discovery Set

Taya Gift of Beauty 5-piece Discovery Set

Luxurious hair care combos are great gifts during the holiday season. Why specifically? Because it’s generally during the deep of winter that our hair needs the most help. Changing temperatures, winter winds, and the lack of moisture in the air will leave our strands yearning for a spa day. Give a hair care set like this one from Taya Beauty and the recipient will be sure to thank you later.


3. OPI Fall Into Beauty Nail Care Set

OPI Fall Into Beauty Nail Care Set

We don’t always want to pull out all the stops on our daily makeup or hair regime, but nail polish is a one time application that gives us a great return. With the right tools, like the ones included in this OPI gift set, a manicure can last longer too. For the women in your life who enjoy low maintenance beauty, or who can’t jazz up their daily look with a lot of accessories and jewelry nail polish is a great alternative. We love the bold and beautiful colors of this particular seasonal set too.


4. Korres Greek Yoghurt Head-to-Toe 4-piece Hydration Set

Korres Greek Yoghurt Head-to-Toe 4-piece Hydration Set

Some people are just hard to shop for, whether it’s because they’re newer acquaintances or because they already have everything they might want. Body pampering bundles, however, are always a safe bet for two reasons. One–everyone needs and will eventually use body lotion, hand creams and facial cleansers, and two–body bundles don’t have to be super gender or personality specific. This Korres bundle offers a variety hydration set in a neutral scent that will suite practically anyone.


5. Elizabeth Arden Always Red Fragrance Gift Set

Always Red by Elizabeth Arden

On the flip side of #4, if you have someone to buy for who is an absolute fragrance fanatic then it is a great idea to add the Always Red perfume by Elizabeth Arden to their collection. This soon-to-be-released gift set will include the signature Always Red perfume that is composed of floral orientals, an ambery base, and bright top notes of plum and passion fruit, along with a convenient beauty tote set. For a gift set, this is a sophisticated and eloquent choice.


What other types of gift sets do you love to give (and receive!)?

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