5 Forgotten Spots in The House for Spring Cleaning

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The first day of spring is only a few weeks away and most of us are already planning how we’ll spruce up our homes. This year, in addition to covering the basics of your spring cleaning routine add to your list these often forgotten spots in the house. Most of them seem obvious but they know how to slip our attention!


1. The Air

The house has been shut up all winter accumulating dust, bacteria, and stagnant air. The first thing you should do this spring is refresh your air. We drink filtered water, so why don’t we think more about filtering our air? Invest in an easy solution like the Joy Mangano Forever Fragrant Odor Eliminating AirFLO™ Purifier. It Helps address indoor dust, pollen, mold spores, and neutralizes unpleasant odors.  


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2. Winter Coats and Bedding

In spring we’re starting to transition to different clothes and lighter blankets. Before you pack away your bulky winter goods they should be given a final deep clean.  To ensure that your winter goods are free of wrinkles for packing away use the Joy Mangano Supreme Steam 900-Watt Premier My Little Steamer and Chic Bag to steam bedding and coats so they’ll smell fresh and be in good shape for next year.


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3. The Coffee Maker

Good morning, this is a cleaning wake-up call! Drip coffee makers can grow yeast and mold in their reservoirs from all of the steam they produce. To clean a coffee maker, start by wiping down the exterior and then brew a cycle of equal parts white vinegar and water through the machine. The vinegar will decalcify any hard-water build up inside of it. Finish it off with a few rinse cycles of only water.


4. The Shower Head

Just like with our coffee makers, the shower head gets a daily dose of water running through it that rarely gets cleaned. To clean a shower head unscrew it from its base and submerge it in a bucket of white vinegar. Let the showerhead sit overnight and scrub off any remaining residue in the morning.


5. Light Fixtures

Let me shed some light on this cleaning practice. Light bulbs can be dimmed by 30% when they’re dirty from dust and pollen. To restore your fixtures to their usual bright shine first make sure to turn off the electric in your house for safety. Next wipe down your fixtures and light bulbs with the Joy Mangano Miracle Clean Multi-Surface Cleaning Concentrate.  This revolutionary and powerful blend of natural plant-based ingredients, is gentle on the environment, yourself, and the ones you cherish.  Just mix 1 fl. oz. of cleaner with 15 ounces of warm water to make 16 ounces of ready-to-use solution.


Shop for Home Solutions Deals with Joy Mangano on HSN


Now you’ve really covered all your bases to create a clean house from top to bottom! If you need help organizing this spring too, check out some of the other Joy Mangano house helpers. What’s one of your tricks for the best spring cleaning?

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