5 Fitness Items to Finally Splurge On

Do you have the right stuff to accomplish the fitness goals that you set out for yourself this year?  The onset of spring and warmer weather is the perfect to time to refresh your fitness routine, and you want the right equipment to help you on your way. Check out these five  fun items that make getting in shape much more fun.
Nintendo Wii

Treat yourself to the trendiest (and funnest) fitness product on the market. Track your weight, track your goals, and receive fitness instruction with the Wii Fit program–it’s a video game moonlighting as your own private gym.  Awesome games like Wii Ski are the perfect anecdote to a boring walk on the treadmill, and the entertainment factor keeps you motivated.

A Non-Slip Yoga Mat
Whether you regularly practice yoga or have never done a Downward Dog in your life, you’ll thank yourself for shelling out the extra few bucks for a non-slip mat. The courtesy mats that gyms and studios provide are rife with germs and may lead to athlete’s foot, plantar warts and infections. So, you’ll want to bring your own mat to class.  Your yoga experience will be so much more enjoyable and beneficial when you aren’t sliding out of poses because of sweaty palms and feet. Your neighbors will also thank you for not falling over onto them during Sun Salutations.
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Sick of those blue rubber hand-weights you’ve had since 1995? Shake up your muscle-toning routine with kettle bells. According to Women’s Health magazine, a 20-minute kettle bell workout can burn almost 300 calories. These types of weights are more challenging to use than hand-weights resulting in increased muscle sculpting. You get the benefit of burning a ton of calories and added definition to your upper body.

An Elliptical Machine
It’s the most expensive item on the list, but having your own elliptical can be a life-saver when it come to keeping up your fitness goals. Many of us use our costly gym membership just to hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes at a time. Having your own save you the convenience of a trip to the gym and it’s yours to use anytime day or night to amp up your heart rate and torch those post-holiday pounds.
The Perfect Running Shoe

Are your running shoes really up to par? Your favorite sneaks may look fine, but they don’t have as long of a lifespan as you might think. Running shoes should typically be replaced around every six months as new shoes provides support, cushioning, and stability to make running easier on your joints. And let’s be honest, a cute new pair does add a boost of inspiration to get you out on the road. Be sure to get shoes from top brands like Saucony, Asics, or Nike.
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