5 Essential Styles To Keep In Your Bag for Spring Getaways

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When spring fever hits sometimes the only cure is an impromptu weekend getaway but who wants to waste time fretting over what to pack at a time like that? You can be ready for a surprise vacation at your nearest beach in under 5 minutes with these key spring fashions and accessories. Keep this bag packed at a moment’s notice and treat yourself to a great escape!


1. A Getaway Bag

First things first, we’ll need a bag that can hold all of our things while we’re out enjoying town or relaxing at the beach. Opt for something light and sturdy that can withstand the sun and ocean spray and still look fresh. Straw Studio has great options on bags that can do just that and that are also spacious enough to hold everything from sunblock and water to your purse, phone, and sunglasses without a problem.


2. Cover Ups


The weather is warm but the cool ocean air can be surprisingly chill. Keep comfortable with a short and stylish drawstring like the Geometric Drawstring Butterfly Wrap by Echo Design that will give you just the right amount of coverage while letting your skin soak up some sun. Its great how the sheer design of this coverup lets it fold up to practically nothing in your bag but it will still block the wind.


3. Sun Blockers

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Don’t forget to pack a hat that will let you duck out of the sun for a few hours too. A hat with a sharp design but smaller brim like the Color Fedora from Straw Studio will easily fit in your bag for use at the beach and can easily transform into a fashionable look on the street. Try pairing it with denim jeans like the Lightweight Denim Relaxed Jogger by DKNY Jeans and a blazer like the Reversible Blazer from from Nikki by Nikki Poulos for a boho-chic style.

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4. Resourceful Shoes

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For a quick weekend trip we’ll want a shoe that can play double duty as a slip on for the beach and a stylish number for going out in the evening. The “Elissa” Embellished Wedge Sandal by Yellow Box toes the line between the street and surf depending on how you’d like to style it. Picking a sandal with a heel like the Elissa will give your outfit a more refined look than a thong sandal but it isn’t so high to make a walk on the sand uncomfortable.


5. After Sunset


Let your wild side unwind on vacation with a colorful and fun jumpsuit like the “Paros” Sleeveless Jumpsuit from Nikki by Nikki Poulos. Not only does this make for a space saver in your bag but it is super comfortable and very flattering with its defining waistline. After a day at the beach you’ll be able to show off your sun-kissed tan with it too. If you want an easy-to-pack outfit with fabulous volume I also suggest the “Suki” Maxi Dress. Bold and beautiful in color and cut, its flowy fabric was made for relaxing in style.

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Where will you go for a spring weekend getaway?

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