5 Essential Cooking Tools for a Healthy Kitchen

Is your kitchen setting you up for diet failure? Prepare your kitchen for healthy eating success! Every time you enter your kitchen, it should be easy and convenient as possible to eat as healthily as you can. Right now it’s probably easier for you to grab a soda than an antioxidant-packed cup of tea. Boost your health and cut down on calories with these five items. 
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Grill Them with Kindness 
Grilling your proteins and veggies really cuts down on the amount of fat and calories. But it can be hard to find the motivation to fire up the grill in the back-yard, and often, the weather wouldn’t let us even if we wanted to. A grilling pan can help you get that same great flavor right on your stove-top. And it helps to keep your diet lean because you won’t need to use as much oil and butters to help you cook. » Shop more griddle and grill pans 

Tea Up! 
Americans don’t drink tea as much as our international friends, even though experts keep telling us how powerfully healthy tea can be. There are studies that indicate that green teas powerful antioxidants can reduce cancer risks. White tea can rev up your metabolism, and oolong tea could lower your blood pressure. Check out this beautiful tea-set from Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi. Being able to use something this pretty and chic may just help you incorporate tea into your daily diet. It’s tea time! » Shop more teas and tea sets from Easy Exotic by Padma Lakshmi 

Blend It to Win It 
Could your breakfast use a healthy makeover? It’s sp easy to grab a fatty fast-food breakfast, a sugar-loaded cereal bar, or just to skip it all together. Take advantage of the most important meal of the day by keeping a blender right next to your coffee pot from a smoothie-riffic breakfast. Smoothies are a fast and yummy way to help you get in all of your recommeded servings of fruits and veggies. Just toss in plain yogurt along with your favorite fruits and you’re ready for a healthy breakfast on-the-go. We’ve got the perfect mini-blender that you need to get your morning off to a great start. » Shop more blenders and juicers 

Time to Balance the Scales 
Maybe you’ve already been making the effort to get your kitchen in order and eat healthier food. This may be hard to hear, but you can eat too much of even the healthiest foods. A digital scale in your kitchen will make it easier to keep your portion sizes in check. The recommended serving size of chicken in only 3 oz. Do you know what that looks like just by eye-balling it? Ditch the guessing game and know exactly how much your eating with a scale. 

Steam Dream 
You’ve got all the pots, pans, fryers, plates, tools and graters you could ever use. But if you really want to make the healthiest food possible, you’re going to need a food steamer. Steaming your proteins and veggies can keep you feeling full without the added fat from butter and cooking oils. And it also keeps all the nutrients in your favorite veggies. Steaming is also one the fastest and easiest ways to cook a meal. An added bonus? Easy clean up! This one doubles as a rice cooker as well. » Shop more steamers and rice cookers 
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