5 Crushworthy Beauty Products for a Valentine’s Day Look

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Our knees go weak, hearts beat faster, and our heads are in the clouds when we find a mate or makeup that is everything we’ve always wanted.  Here are five beauty products that will make you fall head over heels with how easy they are to use. They are perfect for putting together an easy Valentine’s Day look and for daily doses of beauty affection. Read my exclusive tips for how to use these products and incorporate them into your existing beauty-tool kit!


1. All About the Eyes

Well-done mascara opens up the eyes, emphasizes your liner, and make your lashes look fuller. Benefit Cosmetics creates beauty solutions that are fun and fabulous. I recommend Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara that will separate, lift and curl  even the littlest lashes with its patent-pending hook and roll brush to give your Valentine’s Day look a satin finish.


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My tip: Before applying mascara always curl your eyelashes to maximize volume. For a thicker look brush mascara on lashes horizontally, but for a more natural look swipe it across vertically.


2. A Perfect Pout

On a day that celebrates love and affection the lips are the centerpiece of our look. An important part of creating the perfect pout is healthy lips. Vbeaute makes anti-aging skincare products that will repair and prevent damage from daily irritants. Make your lips soft and supple with Vbeaute’s Age-Defying Lip Spread Duo with an added lip gloss finish.


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My tip: After applying lipstick light press a 1-ply piece of tissue over your lips and blot translucent powder on with a brush. It will set your lipstick without dulling the color.


3. Wrapped Around Your Manicured Finger

A sleek manicure and pedicure makes me feel poised and feminine. For Valentine’s Day a red nail is classic, but an equally captivating shade is gray. Grab both options with a special OPI package of polishes in gray tones and red as part of their OPI 50 Shades of Grey Set. Dive in with this package and try out how different shades compliment your skin tone.


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My tip: If you paint your nails yourself always finish off a manicure or pedicure by swiping polish horizontally along the tips of your nails. This will seal off the ends to prevent chips.


4. A Scent to Remember

Perfume is the invisible touch that finishes your look, elevating a sensual, relaxed, or confidant spirit. Before going out for Valentine’s Day you want to have that signature scent ready. If you’re new to perfumes check out Matt Titus‘s line of perfumes. There is a Y.O.U. Fragrance Set that comes with three different scents you can wear separately or lightly layer for even more intrigue.


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My tip: Read my blog post dedicated to fragrances to learn the basics!


5. Smooth, Sweeping Hair

Style your hair for Valentine’s Day with a sensual look of volume at the crown, smooth long strands, and a high shine. If your arms feel tired just thinking about it then you should get the Blowpro Dryer. It cuts down on drying time with titanium plates and strong motor so your hair will be ready to go in a flash.


My tip: Use a nylon and boar bristle brush on hair when blow drying as it won’t overheat hair and blast your hair with the “cool” setting on your dryer before finishing to ease frizz.


Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, ladies! Splurge on these beauty products for a going-out look or enjoy a relaxing night in with the Rasa Living Love Starter’s Kit from Rasa Living by Donna D’cruz.


What will be your Valentine’s Day look?

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