5 Brushes Every Woman Needs

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If you have ever wondered about the value of makeup brushes, I am here to tell you their power can’t be overstated. But all makeup brushes are not created equal. When buying a makeup brush here is what you should consider:

  • How the brush handle feels in your hand

  • If the bristles feel comfortable against your skin

  • The brush shape and hair length—this will determine the look you achieve


Every time I apply makeup to my clients’ faces I marvel at the power of brushes—not only the results they deliver but how they make applying makeup a luxurious, creative, feel-good experience one can look forward to.


Here is a cheat sheet for five mistake-proof brushes from Trish McEvoy that should be in every woman’s brush wardrobe:


1. Seamless Cream

Nylon hair is ideal for applying creams—like shadow primer and eye brighteners—to the upper eyelid and under the eyes.


2. Diffused Eye Shadow

Longer, looser hairs deliver the perfect wash of color to the lid or crease in a single sweep.


3. Precise Eyeliner

Transforms powder eye definers into a perfect line. Ideal if you’ve ever struggled to get a precise, even line or angled winged-eye look.


4. Blended Foundation

Pure sable hair delivers the most beautiful seamless application of cream or liquid foundation, and is pure luxury.


5. Multi-Function Face Color

A petite, softly tapered head multi-tasks beautifully as a precise yet forgiving BronzerHighlightBrush and Powder brush. Simply wipe any excess color onto a tissue between steps.


What is your go to brush?

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