5 Beauty Secrets To Know for 2015

5 Beauty Secrets To Know for 2015


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‘My hair does those perfect waves naturally!’ or ‘My skin tone is so balanced I don’t even need make up!,’ said…no woman ever. Ladies, it’s no secret that when we wake up in the morning our natural look is a little less than red-carpet perfection. That doesn’t mean that with the right products we can’t achieve that seemingly effortless look. All the women I know have that one product they swear by to fix the signs of a late night, or to add an extra touch for special occasions. For my 2015 resolution to help more women feel glamorous in their own skin, I’d like to share five of my favorite beauty secret weapons that can be used daily, or for when in a bind.


1. Autocorrect For My Skin

Autocorrect is no longer just for Photoshop; we need tools that give us a flawless look before the camera even clicks. Of course the skincare geniuses at Lancôme have created products to do just that. The Visionnaire Cx Advanced Skin Corrector helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores while evening my skin tone. By improving my face’s complexion my make up goes on smoother and I can use less of it to hide imperfections. A follow up product that also has Photoshop-like qualities is their brand new Le Dou. With an easy to use dual contouring and highlighting stick, I can create the impression of definition and chiseled features that mother nature didn’t necessarily provide, but that looks so chic!


2. The Beauty Bible

Gathering a bunch of different skincare products can be time intensive and overwhelming. If you are someone who likes to keep it simple and receive everything in one go than I can’t recommend the The Beauty Book Volume VIII enough. Made by Serious Skincare, this package lives up to it’s makers name including everything a woman could need for improving her skincare regimen like facial peels, neck-lifting creams, reinvigorating serums, eye-firming treatments, and more. For youthful, glowing skin this package has you covered.


3. Help Me Conceal & Protect

The other products I’ve mentioned help us take care of the foundation of our skin which is irreplaceable. The next step is a product that can hide blemishes that can’t be naturally remedied. Scott Vincent Borba has foundations made specifically for concealing common problem areas like under the eyes and the T-zone where our faces reveal the most wear. To cover up the symptoms of a late night reach for his Invisible Concealer Kit; it goes on like a thick cream to give medium to full coverage that will stay in place all day. For full face coverage I opt for something with a matte finish that will look authentic, and also a product with some SPF coverage. Borba’s Mineral Foundation is hydrating and lightweight combining skincare with make up to improve my skin’s texture and disguise imperfections.


4. One That Our Mothers and Grandmothers Know

I have two words for you: Talcum powder. Delicate and undeniably feminine, most women today forget that talcum powder is extremely moisturizing and goes on to skin as smoothly as lotion. Perlier has revived our love for talcum powder with a new twist, a touch of honey. The Imperial Honey Talc has a gorgeous fragrance that is soft and sweet, just like your skin will feel after being revived with this nourishing powder.


5. An Extra Set of Hands For My Hair

If I were to compare a beauty routine to art, make up would be the paint, and hair care would be like sculpture–graceful, fragile, and requiring time and patience. One thing that can really help with styling your hair is a professional tool kit. Harry Josh is entrusted with styling models and celebrities for the likes of Vogue, Marie Claire, and Glamour. Lucky for us we can get the celebrity treatment with his Pro Tools Styling Set. Included is a detangling brush, a round brush for creating texture and shine, a pro dryer that minimizes static and frizz, and styling clips to hold back wet or dry hair without damaging while working.


Having the right products can really make a world of difference. What’s your best secret beauty weapon: bronzer, moisturizer, hair tools, or concealer?

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