4 Ways To Boost Your Beauty Goals With the Microcurrent Skin Care Tool

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Microcurrent technology stimulates the muscles in your face and neck to help lift, tone and firm them. Serious Skincare’s Microcurrent Egg is fantastic because you can do both sides of your face at the same time, so you can get a nice symmetrical look to your skin. The Microcurrent egg has three (3) programs with 10 levels of intensity.


Here is a quick look at how to use the three programs to achieve your beauty goals:


1. A Firmer Jaw Line

For deep firming and toning of the jaw line, hold the egg right below the ear as shown below. Set the tool to program one (1) to use the program built for lifting and firming your skin and adjust the intensity to your comfort level.

Microcurrent Tool from Serious Skincare


2. A Firmer Neck Line

To firm the neck area use the egg right underneath the jaw line and set the tool to program one (1). If you aren’t used to using a Microcurrent tool set the egg to use a low intensity to start with.

Microcurrent Egg Tool from Serious Skincare


3. A Firmer Eye Area

Program two (2) is used for surface toning to topically life and firm areas on your face and neck. Use the tool right above the eyebrow and set the egg to program two (2). Start with your hands closer together above the eyebrow and swipe across the forehead in opposite directions.

Microcurrent Egg Tool from Serious Skincare

Microcurrent Egg Tool from Serious Skincare


4. Enhance Your Cheekbones

Program three (3) has a skin enhancing focus great for achieving that fresh workout glow or maintaining the definitions in your face and neck. To address the nose to mouth line and have the look of a higher cheekbone use the tool on program 3 in a slide and glide motion across your cheeks.

Microcurrent Egg Tool from Serious Skincare


Quick Tip: Use the gel sparingly

You only want to use a small amount of the gel and apply only to the areas of your skin where you’re working on.


You will feel a tingling sensation when you use it since it’s contracting your muscles, so start off with a level you’re comfortable with!


Have you ever used microcurrent technology?

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