4 Tips on Dressing to Flatter Your Body Shape

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When we shop for clothes we always notice the colors but we should also be looking at the cut and style to compliment our body shape. No two women’s bodies are the same and that’s why a knockout piece your friend wears will still look differently on you. Every piece in your wardrobe can be that knockout piece though! If you’re not sure what body type you might be check out my shape breakdown of the four most common figures to get started. Every silhouette has fashion options that will naturally flatter it. Embrace your unique self!


1. Hourglass Shape

Women with this figure have a curvy shape all over with a narrow waist and full hips and bust. With these many angles pick clothes that will naturally follow those curves like high-waisted pants, wrap dresses, v-neck tops, and pencil skirts. The Asymmetric Zip-Front Jumpsuit by Tiana B. is ideal for this body shape as it cinches at the waist and will hug your curves.


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2. Pear Shape

Women with this figure have narrower shoulders and waists compared to their hips so the shape is like a triangle. Gravitate towards wide-leg pants, structured jackets, boatneck tops, and a-line skirts that will balance your shoulders and hips. The “Shrugs to Hug” Jersey Shrug by Tiana B. can accentuate the bust line and shoulders of this figure to give overall balance.


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3. Boyish Shape

Women with this figure have a rectangular shape of straight lines up and down without noticeable curves. This petite figure needs clothes that will create curves like boot cut jeans, fitted jackets, ruffled tops, and flared skirts. The Tie-Neck Peplum Blouse by Diane Gilman can work well for this body shape with its voluminous necktie and sleeves.




4. Apple Shape

Women with this figure are widest around their torso with full shoulders as well. To compliment this shape you’ll want to choose loose fitting clothing for tops and emphasize a snug fit elsewhere. Skinny jeans will give your top the needed contrast. Other options include shift dresses, tunic tops with volume, or empire waists that cut right under the bust. The Ponte “Lean Jean” with Ankle Zip by Diane Gilman would be a perfect pant for this body shape.




Of course there’s always a few fashion pieces that we all can share! Try out this Leather Dome Satchel by Emma Fox for your next weekend brunch.


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And walk with style to work or out to dinner with the “Zirawiel” Patent & Elastic Flatform Sandal or the “Cornelina” Open-Toe Mule by Aldo!






Now that you know your body shape, what new fashion do you want to try out?

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