4 Summer Sunless Tanning Tips & Tricks

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We’ve all been there, looked at our pale post winter skin and opted for a quick fake fix, but maybe not executed it in the best way – yes I’m talking about orange hands and streaks. So with the summer just around the corner we’ve got you covered with our tips and tricks for getting the best results with your sunless tanner.


1. Exfoliate first for the best results

Following on from Nur, exfoliation is your first priority. You’ve all heard it before and it will make the finished result that much better. Work in circular movements but don’t overdo it, you don’t want to aggravate your skin. If you are a regular user of sunless tanning, using an exfoliator will also get rid of any leftover bits of tan.


2. Use a mitt if you have one

Once you have super soft skin it’s time to get the most out of your product. Using a mitt is a necessity in my opinion, however if you don’t have one a great trick is, when using a little moisturizer on your knees and elbows as Nur mentioned, moisturize your hands thoroughly as well. The moisturizer acts as a barrier to ensure your hands don’t get stained – obviously do wash your hands thoroughly after a tan application.


3. Apply early in the day, and wash up before bed

So when is best to apply? Where possible I prefer to apply the product first thing and let it develop throughout the day, shower off in the evening and moisturize – plus allowing your sheets to remain white! If you don’t have the time and end up applying before bed, just be sure to let it dry completely. A quick trick is to apply talc over the areas you applied the tan to keep the product on you rather than the sheets!


4. Be clean and tidy – Don’t ruin your nails or makeup!

My top tip: clean up after yourself! If your nails are lacquer free be sure to wipe them clean after the application, this way you avoid your nails staining. Use a cotton pad soaked in nail lacquer remover. If your nails are freshly painted use a cotton bud soaked in remover and wipe around the outside of the nail, avoiding the nail itself. Secondly if you have fair eyebrows dampen a cotton bud with water and wipe across and around your brows. This will again avoid any unwanted staining.


So with our tips and tricks we wish you a golden bronze summer! How do you plan to tan this summer?

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