4 Reasons To Love Stainless Steel Jewelry

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It is the “Other White Metal”. Stainless steals the show. When silver and gold prices hit all time highs there was a silver lining. Correction, a stainless lining! Jewelry designers started to get creative and went to an alternative solution that, in my opinion, kept the world from falling apart. (No, it is not duct tape). It is love and Stainless Steel.


Italian jewelers who had been in the biz for generations turned to goldsmith friends in Italy when the prices of precious metals peaked. Howard Freund, creator of a line of covet-worthy Stainless Steel called Emma Skye, was one of those who made the overseas call. He had them use their expertise and equipment to turn steel into the looks they had been doing for generations in gold.


Stainless jewelry got a major makeover and we are all the richer for it on every level. Here are four reasons why you should own a piece.


1. A High End Look For Less… Much, Much Less

Imagine being let loose in a candy store and all of your favorites were practically free and zero calories! That is how I feel about Stately Steel. Stainless Steel jewelry has a high end feel to it without the price tag guilt. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have beautiful jewelry. Get the award for best dressed and smartest shopper knowing you are rocking the “look” without breaking the bank.


2. Mix and Match With Others

Now with your Sterling Silver, Platinum (lucky you) and white gold you can add new friends to your earlobes, wrists and neckline with the bright white metal that no one can tell didn’t cost you a paycheck. Mixing and matching your jewelry collection just got a lot more fun!


3. Green With Envy

Can your best friend wear whatever she wants to when it comes to metals? Does your skin sometimes turn green when you wear a mystery metal pair of earrings? (Darn it! They are so cute!!!, what is a girl to do?) Have you always wanted to be able to play with jewelry that was gorgeous but couldn’t because you have metal allergies? Stainless Steel is your jewelry hero. You will not have those issues because by it’s nature it is hypo-allergenic. Your friends will be green with envy!


4. Jewelry That Can Keep Up With You

Work hard? Play harder! No need to change your jewelry poolside. If you’d love to spend your summer scuba diving, playing tennis, riding a horse, and you want easy glamour then bring a constant companion: Stainless jewelry. It can keep up with where you want to go because of its durability; it’s practically indestructible. You won’t have to worry about taking it off before you take a shower under a waterfall or dive into the pool. Aloha!


What do you think about adding stainless steel to your jewelry ensemble?

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