3 Ways to Wear Riding Boots

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You don’t have to ride horses to wear sexy riding boots! This is one type of footwear that makes a statement. They can give you that air of sophistication you have been looking for while adding a touch of style to your wardrobe. Unlike any other shoes, riding boots can be paired with a few key pieces to help you create a classic look. Check out the video to see just how to get the fit right, and then read on to find out three great ways to wear them!


1. Pair with sleek pants

To show off the sleek, long lines of your riding boots with pair them with sleek pants such as a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. Go with dark wash jeans or a dark pair of leggings to make you look long and lean. A wide belt at the waist will finish off that tall, sleek look.


2. Highlight them with a skirt

One way to dress up your boots is to pair them with a skirt. Try a cute knee-length pencil skirt with a crisp blouse. This look is perfect for work or play. In cooler temps, a sweater dress with leggings is another great way to show off those boots.


3. Make an equestrian statement

Another idea is to go all out and really get into the equestrian look. Wear your riding boots with fitted tan pants and a denim shirt to show that you know your stuff. Or pair them with a white blouse and a dark blazer to create another authentic riding outfit that you can sport almost anywhere. Rockport makes some excellent, and comfy, riding boots that really look the part.


So, what is your favorite item to pair with your riding boots? Tell us here!

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