3 Ways to Save Time, Space and Money When It Comes To Buying Sheets



But they are all so pretty! Have you ever thought to yourself, ”I need one in every color”? This happens to me all the time – whether it is a blouse a pair of jeans or sheets! Today I am going to tackle sheets.


1. Pick Your Color Palette

I love my pastels and whites. My best tip for keeping the linen closet and budget under control is to go with a color theme that you are comfortable mixing and matching. Doing this saved me from staring at the dryer like my cat stares at her food bowl. No need to wait for the beep indicating your dryer load of sheets is done before you make the bed. I buy all my sheets within the same color family. My favorite happens to be pink. I have blush, magenta, rose..they all look good together and I mix the pillow cases from one set with the fitted and tops sheets of the other sets. I always anchor with white in some way even if it is to just color block with my duvet/comforter.

On special occasions like the holidays – I love a good printed sheet.

Jeffrey Banks Holiday Print Microfiber Sheet Set


2. Laundry Day Just Got Shorter

Another way to save time on doing laundry before making the bed is to use a duvet cover. Just wash the duvet cover every week and no need to wait to wash your “comforter” professionally or attempt to wash it yourself which takes forever.


3. Buying Microfiber Sheets Will Not Hurt Cotton’s Feelings

I am now a reformed cotton snob. I adore cotton and always will like my best friends from college. Egyptian Cotton and I have a long-term relationship.

Highgate Manor 100% Egyptian Cotton 400TC Sheet Set


I talk to them all the time, but I have new friends too. Microfiber is a textile mini-miracle. It is a perfect harmony of softness, weightlessness and colors that don’t fade. Plus another laundry day victory is that they dry so very, very quickly. For my sister and all of you who iron or steam your sheets (you know who you are) microfiber will be a revelation.

Concierge Collection 4-piece Microfiber Sheet Set


How often do you change your sheets? Oh and do you actually iron/steam your sheets? I know it is personal but I am super curious.

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