3 Tips On How To Shape Your Eyebrows

How To: Natural Brows


We have all been there when it comes to brows. Either we were a little heavy handed with the tweezers, producing a “plucked chicken” look, or we didn’t reach for the tweezers enough and end up looking overgrown! I still remember the first time I decided to get my brows professionally tinted – being naturally blonde my eyebrows are either sun bleached or patchy light brown depending on the season. I thought it all went swimmingly until I looked in the mirror, let’s just say that that dye sure picked up every previously invisible hair I had around my eyebrows. Unfortunately I hadn’t booked myself in for a shaping, nor could find a pair of tweezers for the life of me… lesson learned.


As Nur said, your brows are an important feature to your face, they help frame your face, and in my opinion are essential for completing your look. It’s important to remember when applying your makeup that it’s about enhancing your features, not changing them. The same way applying lip liner above your actual lip line looks obvious and unnatural, if you stray too far from your natural brow shape you’re going to run into trouble. So here are my top tips for making the most out of your natural brows and finding your best brow shape.


1. Get those brows ready.

First up is maintenance. You need to get your brows ready for the product so brush them through and tweeze any stray hairs. A good tip is to try not to take any hairs from above your brows, just focus on below and the arch.


2. Pick your product.

Next is to find the best product for you. If you are new to using brow products a tinted gel or waxed pencil is your best option. Once you feel happy with applying products to your brows or need to find a better color match then move onto other products. One of the best gels out there is Benefit’s Gimme Brow Volumizing Micro Fibre Gel. It’s so easy to apply and pretty fool proof anyone can use it.


3. Apply strategically for a natural look.

My go to brow product for about the last 2 years has been Hourglass’ Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. With an easy brush on one end (always remember to keep brushing when applying product as it will keep the look fresh and help with application) and the colored product on the other, this keeps working wonders for my patchy blonde brows. The reason this product works so well is due to the formulation and color match. The waxy pencil holds the brow hairs in place after application and the blonder/lighter colors have grey undertones rather than orange, which keeps everything looking natural. For the darker shades I have only ever heard rave reviews from my darker browed friends! Finally, as mentioned above, keep brushing your brows through. This helps move the brow makeup through your brows so it doesn’t get stuck and helps to show the areas you need to fill.


What are your favorite brow products to use and do you have any top tips to share?

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