3 Tips for Layering & Stacking Your Jewelry

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Layering and stacking jewelry almost seems to be an art form. It looks like an intimidating trend, but it doesn’t need to be. If you have fun with it, you can learn to layer and stack like a pro! Watch the video, and then check out my tips here:


1. Start with one eye-catching piece

The key to layering and stacking is to start with one prominent piece, like a watch (or two) or a cuff bracelet. Then, go from there. Add complementary bangles, chain bracelets, beaded bracelets and so on to really make a statement. Or, go for contrasting colors to really catch the eye!


2. Tell a story

Allow your arm to tell a story! Bought a great bangle on a trip to Ireland? Highlight it! Add pieces that will help enhance that bangle, rather than cover it up. Make it the centerpiece of your story, and allow the other bracelets to be the subtext! This is a conversation starter, as it should be. The Audrey Hepburn Collection offers some excellent eye-catching pieces like this beautiful necklace that you can really build your tale around!


3. Match. Or not.

Not everything has to match but if you have a great top in a gorgeous purple, look for amethyst beads, purple stones, or even pink quartz to complement your look. Of course, sometimes it is much more fun to stand out, and go the other way. Put on a blue top and add green bracelets. Pair a gold dress with copper and silver.


No matter what you do, your layering and stacking pieces will draw the eye, so get ready for the attention. How do you layer and stack? Bangles, beads, watches? Share your secrets here!

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