3 Tips for a Natural Looking Winter Tan

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About now everyone is looking particularly pale; add in a dull complexion from the cold weather and possibly eating too much comfort food (!) we are all in need of a little help. So it’s time to get the glow back by faking it a little with a few essential beauty products.


Here are a few tips to get the most out of your self tanners:


1. Color or apply to just your face

In the winter months you can get away with just adding a touch of glow to your face – and let’s be honest in these arctic conditions it is generally the only part of your skin on show! The best way to achieve a natural glow is with a gradual face self-tanner applied each evening – you will wake up to a healthier looking you. Why not try Tantowel on the Glow Face Duo – use the original formula for the evening or tinted during the day.


Top tip: handy tools to use, a cotton pad and cotton bud. Just sweep the product over your entire face (after your evening skincare routine) using the cotton pad then damp the cotton bud and wipe away any product that could have been caught in your brows – especially if you have light brows.


Beautisol Self Tanner Application Mitt on HSN2. Get a beautiful glow for a special occasion

For a special occasion or quick pick-me-up opt for a wash off glow. No prep required, just apply using a mitt (which always gives the best, even results,) leave to dry and dress. It’s best to work in small amounts, you can always add more if you want a deeper color but it is a lot harder to remove. Also be aware of what you wear, for the most part the color won’t transfer, but it may be worth saving that silk white shirt for when you have a real tan…! (However if desperate, a quick dusting of some talc is a quick trick to keep that new sun-kissed glow from transferring to clothes!) My pick would be the Lorac’s TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer.


Top tip: after a self-tan we can all be a little heavy handed with the bronzer and foundation. However your tan will look far more natural if your make up is subtle. So try to resist loading on the product, a dusting of bronzer and a peachy pink blush will set your tan off beautifully.


Beautisol Self Tanning Kit on HSN3. Tips for a full body self-tan

To go for a full body coloring (or let’s face it, just upper body during the winter!) you have heard it all before, but be sure to exfoliate fully. Secondly always use a mitt, as already said you will get an even result but more importantly it saves your hands. You can wash them as much as you like but you will still have self-tanned palms! I also tend to do my fake tanning during the day as I can then control the intensity. If it says to leave on for 4-6 hours head to the shower around the 4 hour mark to have a subtle glow. Get everything you need in this self-tanning kit from Beautisol, Beautisol Self-Tanning Kit with Exfoliating Mitt.


Top tip: once you have applied your new color wipe over a cotton pad soaked in nail varnish remover to avoid orange nails and cuticles.


What are you top tips for self-tanning? Do you choose to keep pale in the winter months or are you a lover of the tan?




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