3 Reasons You Need a Moto Jacket

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The moto jacket is one of the fall’s hottest looks. The motorcycle jacket is everywhere, and has been for a while, which is why it now has that cute nickname. This blend of street-meets-style is the perfect complement to almost any outfit–from jeans and a tee to a lightweight dress. It is sleek, sophisticated and best of all, fun!


Watch the video and then check out these fun ways to rev up your wardrobe with a moto jacket (and see why you need to add one to your closet!)


1. Dress up jeans and a tee

Jeans and t-shirts are a ubiquitous fall outfit, but how much more pulled together would you look if you topped that ‘uniform’ with a stylish moto jacket ?


The intricate network of zippers makes the jacket a statement piece all on its own, which means you can dial back the accessories.


2. Wear it as a top

Zip up that jacket to really show off its detail. To really pull together this look, pair the jacket with some kickin’ leather boots and skinny pants. This sexy look works night or day.


One of my luxe moto jacket is perfect for this!


3. Pair it with a light dress

As the temps turn cooler, those strappy dresses in your closet will see less and less play. Add your moto jacket, though, and give your dresses new life! A moto jacket paired with a dress is a hot new trend, using items you already own. Score! Pair it with a pair of cute heels and you are ready for a night out!


What is your favorite moto jacket? How do you wear it? Share your tips with us!

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