3 “Serious” Remedies For Winter Skin

3 “Serious” Remedies For Winter Skin


We live in such an amazing age. The technologies that enhance our lives today are astounding. It seems every day some new gadget or tool comes along to improve our communication, our knowledge and interactions. This is true for winter beauty as well.


Since cofounding Serious Skincare over 2 decades ago, we’ve always been on the front line with new ingredients that would address specific issues relating to skincare; i.e. acne, aging, etc. Today, more than ever, we are able to target even more specific skincare and beauty challenges. Whether we formulate to solve a common problem or have found a new and improved way to achieve the desired results, Serious Skincare is working daily to deliver the results you desire.


This November, we are introducing new products to target 3 of the most common skincare concerns for winter. With the many holiday parties and social gatherings coming up this time of year, we’ll want our skin to shine more than ever!


1. Volume Loss

If you are concerned about a lack of fullness in your skin, we have our new Dermavol Concentrate and Dermavol Cream. Aging skin naturally loses elasticity and fullness but the good news is that we can restore our skin’s lift and texture with the right ingredients. This Dermavol Duo uses hyaluronic acid, a powerful humectant that works to help keep skin plump and hydrated.

Dermavol Concentrate and Dermavol Cream


2. Crepe-Paper Skin

If you are concerned about the look of crepey skin on your face or body – particularly on the décolleté and cleavage area – then our new Dermal Crepe Resist products are ideal for you. During the winter months the cold air can make our skin lose moisture fast. This can have the effect of making wrinkles look more prominent. A targeted cream like the Dermal Crepe Resist will soften these trouble spots and smooth out crepey skin.

Dermal Crepe Resist


3. Dullness

If you are concerned about dull-looking skin, the answer may be exfoliation. Slough off dead skin cells and restore your complexion’s natural radiance with our new MegaForce Liquid Exfoliant. Dry winter skin needs a lightweight exfoliant that won’t overstrip skin of its natural oils for moisture. The MegaForce is a non-abrasive exfoliant, with added retinol to combat wrinkles and fine lines, which is a perfect and innovative way to get the renewed look and feel you need.

MegaForce Liquid Exfoliant


Serious Skincare was founded as a problem-solution skincare line. Over time, the problems haven’t really changed; it’s really more about how we address those challenges we face! I am happy that as we go into the winter season and approach 2016 we are facing those challenges fully equipped for success!


How do you take care of your skin during winter?

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