3 Jewelry Tips To Getting An Expensive Look On A Budget

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If in real estate the mantra is location, location, location, in classic jewelry it is context, context, context. Let me explain. When you wear something classic with something trendy like a pencil skirt with a leather moto jacket it implies you have a classic blazer at home, but that is an obvious choice and you are an original.


The quest to find the right pairings can seem elusive unless you have a personal stylist and a backstage pass to a fashion editor’s closet. Since that isn’t most of us – here are some of my favorite ideas and resources you can use to get that perfect outfit without spending a fortune or a ton of time.


1. Incorporate Pearls Into Your Look

The key to showing off your favorite pearls is to pair it with the right outfit. . The more strands the more attention you will get. You can wear them in the expected ways (blazers, lace dresses, your Sunday best) or pair them with that maxi dress or that red moto jacket you just scored from Iman with your jeans and aviators. Josh Bazar’s collection always has a pearl accessory for any occasion.


Shop Catherine Canino on HSN2. How to wear equestrian old money without owning a horse

I turned to iconic jewelry designer, Catherine Canino for this tip: instead of the usual looks that have all been done before, she loves putting the equestrian influence in the details – a stirrup closure, or braided leather wrap bracelets that cross generations and love to play well with watches. These are easy game changers.


3. How to always look rich without changing your tax bracket – Diamond Studs.

Diamond studs are totally worth it – Believe me! If you wear them every day the cost per wear works out to be reasonable. If that isn’t in the household budget this year or decade,  here is the perfect alternative. Absolute Studs – pick your designer they are all artistic leaders in the jewelry design universe. Victoria Wieck, Jean Dousset (his great-great granddad was Louis Cartier for goodness sake)!


Now everyone can have the look of D-flawless diamonds.


If you have to choose, are you a diamond girl or a pearl girl?

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