20 Things About Colleen Lopez To Celebrate 20 Years at HSN

HSN is celebrating Colleen Lopez’s 20th anniversary as a host, but there are still things you may not know about her, so we sat down with her to learn about some of her favorite products and her time leading up to becoming one of HSN’s most beloved hosts.


1. Rode a Giant Turtle

A favorite childhood memory for me is riding a 100 year old turtle at the Como Park Zoo in my home town, St. Paul Minnesota (I still adore turtles!).

Colleen Lopez from HSN on a turtle


2. Had Braces as a Kid

I wore braces when I was in the 7th grade!

Colleen Lopez on HSN with braces



3. Attended Modeling School

I went to John Robert Powers modeling and career school in my late teens……I figured you’d get a kick out of this photo – Haha!

Colleen Lopez on HSN attending modeling school


4. Married for 32 Years

I have been married to my best friend and soulmate for 32 years. Carlos and I were married at the St. Paul Cathedral (the same church where my parents were married) on February 6. 1982.

Colleen Lopez on HSN wedding


5. First Airplane Ride Was With My Sweetheart

The first time I flew on an airplane was when Carlos and I traveled to Mexico for our honeymoon.

Colleen Lopez on HSN on her honeymoon


6. Hosted My First Show After Winning a Contest

My first time on TV was when I won a “Host for a Day” contest on the local Twin Cities Talk Show, “Good Company with Steve and Sharon” – I was 26 years old.


7. HSN Was Not My First Shopping Network

I worked for 3 years in the late 80’s for the Minnesota based TV Shopping Network CVN – Get a load of my 80’s hair!

Colleen Lopez on HSN on CVN


8. I’m a Northern Girl

I love the snow! I’m a Minnesota girl at heart and snow skiing is my favorite sport.

Colleen Lopez on HSN skiing


9. Love Taking (and Sharing) Photos of Florida Sunset

I love living in Florida and nothing beats our beautiful sunsets! Sunset is my favorite time of the day and I photograph them whenever I can (If you’re my Facebook Friend you already know this)!

Sunset photo from Colleen Lopez


10. Swimming is My Favorite Way to Exercise

Swimming is my favorite way to exercise and I swim several times a week. This photo was taken at our Lake Cabin on Big Birch Lake in Minnesota back when our boys were little.

Colleen Lopez on HSN swimming with her family


11. Country is My Favorite Genre

I’m a big country music fan – Working with Keith Urban was huge thrill for me!

Colleen Lopez on HSN with Keith Urban


12. Homemade Mexican Food Tops the Charts

My Husband is an amazing cook – I can’t resist Carlos’ Mexican food.

Colleen Lopez on HSN husband's food


13. My Oldest Son Married His Sweetheart

One of the happiest days of my life was in February of this year in San Juan, Puerto Rico, when our oldest son, Carlos, married the girl of his dreams – our new Daughter, Christie!

Colleen Lopez on HSN at son's wedding


14. Has a Bigger Family Than Most

I’m blessed to be part of a large family – I have 5 Brothers & Sisters & 14 Nieces and Nephews who all live in Minnesota. Here’s a photo of some of the “McCarthy’s” at Carlos and Christie’s Rehersal Dinner at their destination wedding in Puerto Rico.

Colleen Lopez on HSN with her Family


15. Love Being a Mother

Being the Mom of Boys (Carlos Patrick and Thomas James) is my greatest Joy!

Colleen Lopez on HSN with her sons


16. We Love Our Dog

I absolutely cherish our 17-year-old Chihuahua, Muffin.

Colleen Lopez on HSN with her dog muffy


17. We (Also) Love Our Family’s Dogs

Speaking of dogs…. I adore our 2s, grand pup Jasper (2 1/2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever) and Biggie (10 month old English Bulldog).

Colleen Lopez on HSN with her family's dogs


18. Shopping Is A Sport For Me

I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. I love to check out jewelry shows, antique shops, vintage stores, and art galleries – I’m always hunting for hidden treasure.

Colleen Lopez on HSN jewelry hunting


19. Earned a Professional Certification in Gemstones

I’m passionate about gemstones. I’ve studied with the Gemological Institute of America and earned my AJP (Accredited Jewelry Professional).

Colleen Lopez on HSN earned her AJP


20. My Favorite City to Visit is…

I love to travel – my favorite city in the world is Paris 🙂

Colleen Lopez on HSN in Paris


Thank you for supporting me all of these years! I love connecting with viewers and would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Colleen, I enjoy your shows on HSN, and have purchased several items from The List. I love that you have such a lovely family, and a terrific life. Thanks for sharing of yourself on “The Buzz”. May your life continue to flow surrounded by blessings and love. I admire your optimistic attitude, your kindness, and charm! Happy HSN 20th anniversary!!! Inés Galindo 8-8-2019

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