20 Things About Bill Green To Celebrate 20 Years at HSN

HSN is celebrating Bill Green’s 20th anniversary as a host, but there are still things you may not know about him, so we sat down with him to learn about some of his favorite products and his time leading up to becoming one of HSN’s most beloved hosts.


1. Started Entertaining As A Mime

Dating back as early as childhood Bill always wanted to be an entertainer. His first performances were in front of a live audience performing Magic as a Mime.


2. Can Impersonate Well-Known Celebrity Voices

Aside from Bill’s love of Magic and Illusion, Bill also developed an uncanny and unique ability to impersonate voices of popular celebrity characters such as Lily Tomlin’s “Ernestine”, Comedienne “Joan Rivers”, Gilda Radner’s “Roseanne-Roseanna Dana”, and Cher’s“Laverne”.


3. Worked As A Model

In addition to Comedy, Magic and Illusion, Bill tried to break into commercial modeling in the late 1980’s.


4. Was On Joan Rivers’ Show Before He Was Working On Air

Bill wanted so badly to break into Entertainment that he entered a contest and won a guest apperance on Joan Rivers’ Daytime Talk Show for a Segment called, “Find Joan a Honey”, “Joan’s Leftover Honey’s!”


5. Left A Successful Career As a Jeweler To Join HSN

Bill worked for Zale’s Jewelers beginning his career as a Zale’s Jewelry Store Manager Trainee. He earned college credit while taking the Zale’s Career Development Program which paid college credits toward his Marketing/Business degree. It was two years later in 1996 when Bill was chosen to become a Show Host at HSN during an open audition.


6. Loves Food From Around The World

Bill loves multicultural foods. Amongst his favors are Asian, Cuban and Brazilian.


7. Two Options For Sugary Gifts

Bill’s Favorite candy bar-none is Milk Chocolate with Almonds, English Toffee and any chocolate from Giannios.


8. The Top Choice For Relaxation

Bill’s favorite US vacation spot is Province Town, Mass. it’s relaxing, he enjoys whale watching, dining for fresh seafood, and shopping along Commerical Street.


9. There Are Four Favorite Celebrity Guests

Bill’s Favorite Celebrity Guests over the past 20 years on HSN were Jeanne Cooper, Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, and of course, Randy Jackson.


10. Favorite Sport is Skiing

Bill enjoys snow skiing but prefers to do it on Snowmass Mountain near Aspen, Colorado.


11. First Item Bill Ever Sold

Bill’s first on air item to sell was women’s shoes. His first day at HSN was November 14th, 1994 as the Director of Quality Assurance and wouldn’t make his debut on air until two years later in 1996.


12. Has Brought In Thousands of Outfits to HSN

Bill typically brings in clothes, that would allow for 3-4 different outfit variations for his airings. If you look at that combination of clothing, that means over 20 years he has brought in anywhere between 16,980 to 22,640 possible outfits for on air.


13. Bill & Marlo Smith Auditioned Together

Many people don’t know it but Marlo Smith and him auditioned on the same day…there were 500 external candidates and 80 HSN internal candidates –of the 580 people who auditioned. They were “two of seven” that were selected to become show hosts! And they’re still here to talk about how “It’s Fun Here”!!


14. Loves To Send His Parents On Vacations

One of my favorite things to do is to surprise my parents. I took my mom in a Cruise through Greece, My dad loves going on cruises as well. I’ve taken him to the Caribbean, and for his 70th birthday I made his wish come true as we sailed through Alaska. It is so gratifying to see how appreciative they are.


15. Very Close With Connie’s Son

I love going to the fair with Connie’s son! In my own way I have kind of adopted him as my godson because I don’t have children and I just adore him!! He is so smart and makes me Smile!!


16. Halloween Is Bill’s Favorite Holiday

I just love Halloween!!! I love the changing of the seasons, welcoming fall, dressing up and surprising people.


17. Bill’s Favorite Things To Present On Air

My favorite categories to present on air are women’s fashions, shoes, accessories and of course jewelry. I’ve always enjoyed helping women look their very best! Second to women’s fashion I would say I love presenting anything to do with the home like linens, cookware, home decor, holiday, and home & garden.


18. Owns 60 Watches In Every Shape and Size

Having been in the jewelry business for over 30 years my favorite jewelry item to collect are wrist watches.


19. Purchase Ornaments From Every Travel Destination

Everywhere he travels Bill tries to be to purchase a special ornamental piece of colored crystal or glass. he has them from many of the places he’s traveld to in life.


20. Deathly Afraid of Cockroaches and Grasshoppers

I grew up in Florida which is the home of the largest cockroaches and green grasshoppers in the world. Of all creatures on earth these are the two insects that completely frighten me because as a child both of them crawled on me and scared me to death!


Which of these things surprised you the most?

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