19 Facts You Never Knew About Skip and Amanda

19 Facts You Never Knew About Skip and Amanda Borghese


To celebrate Perlier’s 19th anniversary with HSN we’re revealing a special fact about myself and my mom to match every year! With our shared love for travel and discovery some of these facts will take you all over the globe. We’ll also be sharing a sneak peek into some of our earliest stories from childhood. Get to know us a little better and share in the celebration!


1. His Legal Name

Skip’s full name is Scipione Antonio Wolfram Jack Paolo Borghese –whew!


2. An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Amanda created, owned, and operated Balloon-Age, an 11-store franchise featuring balloons and unique gifts around the USA and in Bermuda.


3. A Moment In History

Skip was in Berlin when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.  He hammered a piece of the wall to take with him as a memento, all while an East Berlin (DDR) guard stood above him with a machinegun.

A Moment In History


4. Her Modeling History

Once for a photo shoot Amanda wore 5 wigs!

Her Modeling History


5. A Wild Ride

Amanda rode an elephant, at dawn, up a mountain, in Cambodia, rode a camel around the Great Pyramid in Cairo, and rode a HUGE turtle in the Galapagos.


6. Skip’s Love Story

He knew his wife for 5 months before he got engaged. They celebrated their 14-year anniversary on Sept. 13th.

Skip’s Love Story


7. Childhood Antics

Skip tried to talk his sister into flying off the roof when he was 12 by convincing her she was Wonder Woman–Thankfully, his parents came home right before liftoff!


8. A Trip To The Great Wall

A crowd of Chinese women once fought over WHO would sell Amanda jewelry at The Great Wall  of China. She could not resist ANY of it and bought something from each one!

A Trip To The Great Wall


9. A Start In “The Biz”

At 21 Amanda was the assistant to a major movie producer in Spain. He produced: 55 Days at Peking, The Fall of the Roman Empire, El Cid, Circus World etc.


10. Teeing Off

Skip shot a 37 on the back 9 of Baltusrol –not bad for a guy who only plays four to six times a year!

Teeing Off


11. Scaling Pyramids

Amanda had to be rescued by her brother-in-law from the top of a Mayan pyramid, in Mexico. She was too scared to come down, and figured she would just take up “residence” there!! (Photo taken pre-climb)

Scaling Pyramids


12. Good, Clean Fun

Skip once ended up in a bathtub with Joan Rivers on National Television – he’d like to leave it at that!


13. Underwater Adventures

Skip has scuba dived with sharks (but not on purpose) and has scuba dived in the east river (on purpose) YUK!

Underwater Adventures


14. A High Flying Experience

Amanda took a hot air balloon ride in Kenya to watch the migration of the herds into

Tanzania and landed in the Masai Mara for a champagne breakfast.

A High Flying Experience


15. NYC Bachelor

When Skip was single and living in NYC  he was a finalist in a NYC Bachelor competition and lost to the Infamous Anthony Weiner, American Politician and former US Rep for NYC’s 9th congressional district.


16. Amanda’s Love Story

Francesco and Amanda knew each other for only 10 days before they became engaged!! In 2016 they’ll celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary & her 73rd Birthday.

Amanda’s Love Story


17. Amanda’s Adventure In Morocco

In Morocco a man once offered to BUY Amanda from her husband for 10,000 camels. Her husband considered it but didn’t want to spend the $$$ to ship the camels! 😉


18. A Maiden Voyage

Amanda took the “maiden voyage” of the Queen Mary II  to Rio de Janeiro for Mardi Gras.

A Maiden Voyage


19. Halloween Costumes

Skip once sat in the 5th avenue window at Bendels in NYC while Diego Della Palma (a famous Italian Make-up artist) did his makeup for a Geisha Halloween costume.

Halloween Costumes


Here’s to the next 19 years! How long have you been following Perlier’s story on HSN?

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