15th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Serious Skin Care 15th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Share your favorite Serious Skin Care moment from the last 15 years in the comments section by April 18 and you’ll be entered to win:
• Grand Prize of 15 favorite Serious Skin Care items
• One of 15 single Serious Skin Care item prizes
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15 years. Can you imagine? It seems like it was yesterday that I first walked in to the HSN studios to tell the story about my problem with acne and how I found success with Serious Skin Care. In that decade and a half, I went from my 20’s to my 40’s, from being a single girl, to a married woman, and from no kids to one, two and finally 3 children! What is that expression? “…life comes at you fast…” That is an understatement.

There have been so many changes over the last 15 years since Serious Skin Care first joined HSN. One thing that is constant is that I have always been proud to be part of the HSN family of brands, I could not think of a better forum to showcase our unique approach to skin care.

Serious Skin Care has evolved as a skin care brand – originally we targeted only acne and problematic skin. But as you continued to grow and evolve – and I have continued to grow and evolve – Serious Skin Care has evolved as well, covering beauty and skin care issues that we real women (and men) deal with on a daily basis. Although we have grown in to a large skin care business, I am pleased that we are able to maintain a personal connection with our customers and remain in tune to your needs. Serious Skin Care is as individual as you!
Every day it seems that there are new ways to make a connection with the customer, with you. We maintain our original connection – our Customer Support Center – but we have branched off and expanded with the technology of today. You can reach Serious Skin Care here on HSN, on hsn.com, and on several social networking sites. We love the immediate connection and the accessibility we are able to provide you. That is why I am so excited about a new feature here on hsn.com that will allows us to respond to your questions here on the hsn.com Serious Skin Care blog. Starting this week, if you post a question here on our blog, you will get an answer from me or one of my associates.   Now that is progress!
Not only are we celebrating our big Anniversary this month, complete with extraordinary values and exclusive offerings we are celebrating a new arrival. My new Serious Colour line debuts beginning April 15. Most of you that have been watching Serious Skin Care over the years know how positively crazy I am for make-up! Well, you haven’t seen anything yet! Tune in throughout the April Anniversary Event, April 15- 18,  to see my new foray in to make-up that provides a breathtakingly flawless looking complexion – Serious Colour provides a new DIMENSION to color cosmetics. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts once you get the new make-up home.

Make sure you share your favorite Serious Skin Care moment in the comments section below. Tell us about your favorite product or moment from HSN TV. You could win your favorite items!

Join us for the Anniversary Event on HSN – I look forward to talking to you during the LIVE HSN shows and I am looking forward to hearing from you – and addressing your questions – RIGHT HERE on hsn.com!
Best, Jennifer

Watch Serious Skin Care Anniversary on HSN Live April 15-18

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