15th Anniversary Celebration

15th Anniversary Celebration:
Special Pricing, Buy 1 Get 1 Deals & More

Hi Girlfriends,
I am so pleased that you like the new products we launched in our March shows: Nature’s Flower In-Tense Dual Lift, All Over Wrinkled Skin Saver, Shea Butter Makeup Collection, and Wrinkle Filament Fiber Fill and Firm Wrinkle Repair Kit. I want to thank you for your loyalty to Signature Club A and continuous patronage and support. Our researchers, chemists, and production team work so hard to bring new products to you and we are all delighted to hear that so many of you are seeing a difference in the appearance of your skin.
Coming up on May 7th is my blockbuster Anniversary show and I know you will be thrilled with our offerings. Many of your favorite products will be offered at special pricing. There will be Super Value Kits as well as Buy 1 Get 1 Essentials Crème for Face and Eyes and Buy 1 Get 1 Meltdowns of the fragrances you tell us that you love.
You Vitamin C lovers will not want to miss out on our Anniversary Blockbuster, the super size Rapid Transport C Kit which will include doubles of your favorite “C” products with an exquisite tote for the season. For my Argan Oil fans, my chemists have developed a trio of Argan Oil hair products; “Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Thickening Ritual” so you will be able to experience the benefits of Argan Oil from head to toe. The trio will include Precious Moroccan Argan Oil & Pomegranate Shampoo/Conditioner 8 oz., Precious Moroccan Argan Oil & Pomegranate Hair Thickening Gel 6/5 oz and Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Silk Fiber Hair Filler Shine Serum 1 oz. These 3 products help to bring deep moisturization, shine and body to your hair, and you will see an amazing difference in the look of your hair once you start using them.
I enjoy reading all your comments about the Signature Club A products on our blog and on our website and we will try to bring you the products you tell me you want. I am looking forward to celebrating my HSN Anniversary on May 7th through May 9th with you, so be sure and mark your calendars to tune in.

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