15 Things You Didn’t Know About Shivan

HSN is celebrating Shivan Sarna’s 15th anniversary as a host, but there are still things you may not know about her, so we sat down with her to learn about some of her favorite products and her time leading up to becoming an HSN host!


1. Shivan is a certified gemologist!



2. Shivan is a writer for the HSN Blogs

She is one of HSN’s only hosts who also writes content for HSN and one of the only writers who can write on multiple categories like fashion, health, food, and style. 


3. Shivan loves yoga

She actually used to run “Shivan’s Yoga Studio” for more than 10 years!

Shivan Yoga


4. Shivan has 2 older sisters

They have travelled all over the world. This is them in India



5. Shivan’s best friend Linda introduced her to the idea of becoming an HSN host!

Best Friend Linda


6. Growing up, Shivan loved attending Camp Glen Arden in North Carolina.

Camp Glen Arden in North Carolina


7. Shivan’s dad founded “Bells of Sarna,” a large collection of handcrafted Indian giftware…primarily bells!

Dad with Bells


8. Shivan’s favorite trade show is the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona

Tuscon Gem Show


9. Shivan’s mom always helps and supports her during any entrepreneurial venture.

This is them at the opening of Shivan’s Yoga Studio.



10. After college, Shivan dabbled in modeling!



11. Shivan’s all time favorite color is PINK!


12. Shivan is married and has an anniversary coming up for that as well!

Shivan and her husband met over 20 years ago and will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this year!



13. Shivan is half Irish!

This is her in Ireland…she’s also wearing her 1st pair of jeans from HSN!

Trip to Ireland


14. Shivan was a member of the ZTA sorority at the University of Florida.


15. Shivan is always secretly designing handbags, luggage and jewelry in her head

As you can tell this started at a very young age!




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