15 Things You Didn’t Know About Connie

HSN is celebrating Connie Craig Carroll’s 15th anniversary as a host, but there are still things you may not know about her. We sat down with Connie to learn about some of her favorite products and her time leading up to becoming an HSN host!


1. Growing up, Connie was actually a tomboy!

She loved playing with snakes,  lizards and frogs!


2. Connie collects Barbie dolls

She has 250 that are still in the box!


3. At 5’3, Connie was the tallest kid in 5th grade

She’s still the same height.


4. Connie played basketball and softball

She stuck with it all the way up until 6th grade.


5. Connie’s 1st job was a hostess at a restaurant.


6. Connie was a member of the Phi Mu sorority at the University of Tennessee.

Sorority House


7. Connie was a also a “Vol Hostess” at UT

She escorted new recruits around campus during their visits.


8. Connie and Shannon Smith auditioned to be hosts at HSN on the SAME DAY in 1998.

Here they are in 2004

Connie and Shannon Smith


9. Connie’s son, Dougie, is ALWAYS with her.

Baby Dougie


10. Connie doesn’t like to wear makeup on her days off.


11. Connie is allergic to almost everything!


12. Connie’s favorite hobby is photography.


13. Connie’s celebrity crushes are Harry Connick Jr. and Troy Aikman


14. Connie has 4 god children!


15. If Connie wasn’t a HSN host she would probably be a school teacher.

Here’s Connie with Dougie’s class during the Great American Teach In




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