10th Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years at HSN

Love and Gratitude…and a big announcement!
Tune in Monday August 10th at 5pm EST

Monday August 10 for two hours I will be celebrating with you and a very dear co-host and friend, Adam Freeman, for my 10th Anniversary Celebration. It is going to be so much fun. Jay King, Rhonda Shear, Allegra Buffington, Jinger Adams of Cricut fame, and Wally Clark of Bellini Shoes, will be getting together for a celebration of well, you. I have been lucky enough to pick several treats from across our stores. The jewelry creations include Moonstones, Tanzanite, Pink Sapphires, Rhodonite, Turquoise, and Amethyst just to name a few. If you are a cross collector, don’t miss the end of the 5pm hour!
I have co-designed a series of specialty rolling totes in fabulous gem colors – I hadn’t found the perfect rolling tote, so I worked with an elite group of designers and we made them just for this show. They are going to get you to work in style and keep your lunch fresh too. How cool is that?!
The planets had aligned. When I auditioned to become a Show Host at HSN back in 1999, it was simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. Sales runs through my veins, and I had done a surprising amount of live television for not being an actress or typical “talent”. I had several talk show appearances under my belt and my loveably local Shivan’s Yoga Studio TV show. If I could be on television doing Yoga, I figured I could handle being a Show Host, plus the clothes were better. My best friend and long time HSN shopper had turned me onto HSN with Cervelle Denim Leggings and Technibond. She is the one who suggested that I send my resume and tape to HSN. She is also the one who suggested I take up Yoga, and remain friends with the man who I eventually married; she is also the one who suggested that I get my butt in gear to become that elusive title, Graduate Gemologist! She is the perfect example of a true friend for a variety of reasons. She was right (as usual) this was a good idea! She lifted me higher by her knowing me better than I knew myself. I wish a friend like that for you. As I rewrote my resume, I realized that everything in my career and life had been leading up to this job.
I still have the audition tape, and no I am not going to include it in any walk down memory lane montage! I did take a photo of it about 5 years ago on my television believe it or not. Don’t ask me why, but here is for your viewing pleasure.
My HSN host audition tape.
They handed me a camera, sat me down at a desk in the middle of a busy studio and rolled tape while I sold the camera for 5 minutes. I guess it went okay, because they called me back for another audition, series of interviews and low and behold, I got the job.
What a journey it has been! See you on the 10th – at 5pm EST not just for great shopping, but for lots of fun and friends. It won’t be a party without you!
Thanks for all the comments and great questions. Deborah, in IL, your question about the planets and gems requires a really in depth answer which I will get to you by the end of the month. Keep checking back and I will get to all your questions.
Rock on!
Love and Gratitude, Shivan

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