10 Things You Didn’t Know About Alyce

HSN is celebrating Alyce Caron’s 10th anniversary as a host, but there are still things you may not know about her. We sat down with her to learn about some of her favorite products and go beyond her time before HSN.


1. Alyce Caron used to be a geek growing up.



2. Alyce Caron used to be a news anchor in Dallas, Texas.



3. Alyce Caron’s best friends are a bunch of crazy girls in Texas and Florida.



4. Alyce Caron’s real best friends are her parents.




5. Alyce Caron is very proud of her sister who is a college professor.


6. Alyce Caron has the cutest dog in the world…(except yours) whose name is Bella and is very scruffy.

Dog Bella


7. One of Alyce Caron’s favorite things is watching the sunset.



8. Alyce Caron’s favorite things to do are listening to rock music and going to concerts.


9. Alyce Caron’s favorite thing to shop for is food!


10. Almost every night, you will find Alyce Caron at a restaurant or watching a sappy movie.




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