’09 Fresh Start

A Fresh Start To 2009
Greetings to our Serious Skin Care customers – and a special Thank You to my entire Serious Team! The new year is well under way, and I am so thrilled with the exciting plans my crew and I have in the works for you and your SKIN!
I want to personally thank the Serious Team members that called in to the January and February shows for these exciting launches – your words and enthusiasm regarding the products – particularly the Night Trio and HydraPixel meant the WORLD to me and my team. Special thanks to Lezlee, Judy, Valerie, Linda, Cheryl, Ilene, Dena and Lisa – keep your calls coming!
It’s so gratifying to see how you have responded to our NEW product introductions in January and February. The Replicate & Renew Plant Stem Cell Cream and the HydraPixel Micro-Hydrating Pixelated Skin Match were a success from the start – I just knew you would love them! Check out the reviews right here on hsn.com – you are loving the benefits provided by these extraordinary products.
Because of the overwhelming success of the launches of both the Replicate & Renew and the HydraPixel, I worked with HSN to repeat the INTRODUCTORY PRICE on each through our March visit. That’s right – you’ll have more chances to pick up your NEW favorites at terrific savings – remember, the prices will GO UP after our March visit to HSN. If you are as WILD about the products as I am, you will want to LOCK IN the savings by signing up for them on AutoShip.
Also in March you will see some terrific kits that will target your own specific skin care concerns. From the appearance of wrinkles to sagging skin, from the special needs of OVER 50 skin to seasonally DRY SKIN – we will have an incredible regimen just made for you!
Be sure to join Cecilia and I for our shows on HSNtv in March as follows (all times are ET):
Thursday, March 5 – 8-10pm
Friday, March 6 – 10am-noon and 10pm-midnight
Saturday, March 7 – Noon-2pm and 7-9pm
Sunday, March 8 – 11am-1pm and 5-7pm
Thanks to everyone who continues to read my blog here on hsn.com. There are so many terrific comments, and I encourage everyone to continue to post here and in the product review area on hsn.com.
Let me take a moment to address several of the general posts that were made on the January/February blog:
Helen from Michigan: Thank you for your post. I too LOVE the Emu Aloe Cream – and YES – finally – we will see it back this Summer – I hope to have it on HSN in time for our June visit.
Marlene from Wisconsin: I am so glad you brought up the Targeted Night Trio – the response to this evening regimen was incredible. We will see the Targeted Night Trio back, and YES, available on AutoShip during the April shows.
R in Utah: You asked about a good product that is comparable to our fading cream – a product that will help you brighten the appearance of your skin. Lorraine from Massachusetts had a similar question – what to use to address brown and age spots. I suggest that you both start with a regimen of our C-No Wrinkle line, and add in twice daily use of our SkinCandessence. Let me know when you see the results!
Melissa from Rhode Island: Thank you for your post. You expressed concern over what to use for your acne prone skin. The answer is as clear as your skin will be once you are properly using my 3 piece Continuously Clear line – the only choice you need to make is whether you need a YOUTH kit – for more oily skin – or an ADULT kit for more mature acne prone skin.
Peggy from Kentucky: MOST CERTAINLY – we have many products that can help skin OVER 60. The Serious Night & Day regimen would be an ideal choice – but we have several other regimens that you could benefit from using – I suggest you watch the March shows and learn more about the C-No Wrinkle line and Calstrum line…
For all you devoted hsn.com customers – I want to invite you to shop Serious Skin Care on hsn.com starting March 15 – as we will be featuring select Buy 1, Get 1 offers on some of your favorites like the Glycolic 3, Reverse Lift Cream, Calstrum La Crème, and Calstrum Eye – just to name a few!
Thanks again for all of the posts and continued support you all show Serious Skin Care – we are here for you and for all of your skin care and beauty needs. See you in March!
All the best,

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