The Only Long-Wear Makeup Routine You Need To Face The Summer Sun

Over the years I have found some awesome products that can withstand the Florida heat and last the length of my busy days. As a busy mama, when I do take the time, and usually not too much of it, to apply my makeup in the morning, I need it to last.

1. Start with a primer.

I know, I know, it’s an extra step that seems like you’re taking more time than you need… but for a look that lasts, don’t skip. A great primer helps to reduce shine and minimize pores, while also helping your look last all day.

2. Get to the coverage.

Using a BeautyBlender helps to apply foundation right where you need it and also helps in giving you buildable coverage. Use a foundation formula that blends well with your skin tone, and one that isn’t too “cakey.”

3. Concealer is your friend!

When you still need a little coverage, a great concealer will be your bestie. I like a smooth and creamy formulation that lasts all day without creasing… and blend with the beauty blender.

4. Get those brows tamed.

A long-lasting brow mascara is a quick way to apply a little fullness to the brow and keep them in place all day long.

5. Swipe on a bit of color.

If you use bronzer, blush, highlighter, or anything else… go ahead and give yourself that glow. Typically for me, I just have enough time for a quick swipe of color.

6. Let it set… with spray.

Mist yourself with a setting spray to keep it all in place all day! Usually this step comes at the end of your makeup application, but BEFORE mascara or lips.

7. Coat the lashes.

Bat your lashes, while you apply a long-wearing or waterproof mascara! Quick tip, if you apply your favorite regular formulation first, and then apply a coat of waterproof mascara over top, you’ll have full lashes with mascara that doesn’t budge, but it still washes off easily.

8. The final touch.

Color your pout with a lip stain or color that will last beyond your morning coffee! A swipe of matte lipstick in a long-wearing formulation keeps you feeling put together, even when the rest of your day might not follow suit.

I don’t know about you, but for me, finding products that will make it through my day with me is key, and these are a few that stand the test of time. Literally.

What’s your favorite long-wearing or long-lasting makeup product? I’d love to hear!

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