The 5-Minute Makeup Routine For On-The-Go Moms

Mom life can essentially be wrapped up in one little phrase, on the go. And while it’s characterized by fierce love, wet kisses and sticky fingers, along with an endless supply of cold coffee and laundry, that doesn’t mean we can’t have glowing skin… even if it is with the help of a little makeup on some days. While most of us don’t have the time for an elaborate makeup routine, this five-minute version will have you out the door and in the car in no time.

No matter where your errands and kids schedules take you, it’s important to start every morning with sunscreen, whether adding makeup to the look or not. We have too many hours darting to and from the car to not wear protection. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t need anything aging me any more quickly than time itself.

A Swipe of Coverage

On those mornings we wake up feeling a little less than bright eyed and bushy tailed, a quick swipe of the right kind of coverage will do the trick. The new cushion formulations are a hit all over the beauty world right now because they deliver great build-able coverage, add hydration and glow while also being easy to apply, meaning foundation in seconds!

Double Duty Products

The key to keeping a makeup routine quick is using products that can play double duty! I love keeping a highlighter stick on hand, for a fast application that leaves me with a dewy glow and it can also double as a light eye shadow substitute under the brow bone to wake up those eyes in the morning. A blendable lip and cheek color stick does just what it says and takes care of blush and lipstick in just a few strokes. In less than a minute we’ve got a glowing complexion and just the right amount of color for the day.

Focus on the Brows and Lashes

While most days don’t call for full eye makeup, nothing pulls a look together like great brows and noticeable lashes. Even when I don’t have time for anything else, I try to work in a dab of glow, a swipe of lips and a quick brow and lashes I can bat. Taking just a little time, still less than a minute, and a good tool to brush and fill in brows we’ll frame the face and complete even the simplest makeup look. Add a coat of mascara and we’ve just finished a dewy makeup routine that will have us back to sipping that coffee in less than five minutes.

Add a Little Eye Color

If you’ve got a few more seconds to spare, you can always add in a little extra color to those eyelids. And for this, why not splurge on something rich and luxurious… that smells like chocolate! Personally, this has been one of my favorite palettes to use as I can use just one or two colors for a quick daytime look, and yet I still have everything I need to add in drama later on for a date night out with my hubby. Plus, the luxurious feel and scent is just the right indulgence for a busy mama.
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