Live Your Best Brow Life with Benefit’s Brow Contour Pro

Just like in life, there are a few things in beauty that aren’t one size fits all. One of those things is your eyebrow shape and finding the perfect brow for your face will depend on your face shape. When you find the right shape, it can emphasize your eyes, make you look younger and it can even give you a more pulled together look for those light makeup days.

I use the Brow Contour Pro by Benefit to fill and perfect the shape of my brows! I love this product because it is long-wearing, easy to use and it’s color tones are very pigmented but soft. The product is buildable which helps with avoiding mistakes and allowing you to choose between going with a dramatic brow or a more everyday natural brow. Plus, I’m all about the nostalgia with the Brow Contour Pro… who else remembers the colored pens in school with the multiple push-up selections?! I SO do! That’s what I’m reminded of with the Brow Contour Pro, however, it’s the perfect pencil for contouring brows… not drawing the name of my “future husband”. “)

I can select the highlighting shade to color in just below the brow, while the definer is perfect for filling in just above the eyebrow and clearly defining the lines! Next I use the deeper shade at the head of my brows with quick and small upward strokes to mimic the lines of hair and fill in, and lastly, I use the lighter shade to define the tail line of my brows. Just a few shades and a few seconds is all it takes for perfectly contoured brows with the new Brow Contour Pro… especially when I’ve already got them shaped just right!

No matter the shape of your face (round, square, long, oval, or heart,) there are a few rules that you can follow that apply across the board to help you perfect your brow.

1. The head of the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose. You can find this point by vertically holding a guide pencil up to either side of your nose bone.

2. The arch of your brow should be about two-thirds the way out from the head of the brow. You want to avoid a centered arch. You can find this point by pivoting your guide pencil to the outside of your iris.

3. Lastly, do not cut your brows to short. You can find where the tail end of your brow should be by extending your guide pencil to the corner of your eye.  The tail of the brow should be no lower than the base of the head of your brow. If the tail is lower than head it could make the eye look quite droopy. It’s best if you taper the tail of the brow to a crisp point, this will help lift the eye.

What do you think of the new Brow Contour Pro? 

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