All The Items You Need For A Luxurious Shower

For me, the shower is a place to unwind and relax. It’e the perfect place to escape the noise of the day and rinse away the stresses. Creating an oasis and prepping ahead only takes a few simple steps, but it definitely leaves you feeling refreshed when you’ve made yourself a luxurious shower experience!

The Wash

Don’t skimp on the one item you use on all of your body! With a great shower cream wash, you’re setting the mood with scent, feel and of course even just how it looks. Start out on the perfect note and envelop your body in a sweet-smelling, luxurious foam.

The Cream

Follow up your shower and wash with Perlier’s body cream for and ultra-rich, creamy texture that will leave your skin feeling revitalized and fresh. Applying cream at the end of your steamy shower will help to lock in that moisture for more hydrated skin.

The Facial Wash

Speaking of steam, use this time in the shower to treat yourself to a facial! Use a soothing scrub, a gentle wash and even add in a mask or treatment. There’s nothing like using this time and the benefits of steam to your advantage!

The Hair Products

I actually like to start my shower time on my hair because I can wash and then apply a hair mask to let work it’s magic on my hair while I’m finishing my shower, leaving me with shiny, moisturized locks!

The Shower Head

Such a small thing can make SUCH a big difference in your shower! We’ve lived in many different places and travel often, so I’ve experienced shower heads that hurt when they spray to some that barely mist out water. In our last shower, we installed a new rain shower head first thing and immediately effected our showers for the better!

The Linens

When it gets to the linens, choose two sets of high quality towels. When it comes to towels and rugs, you get what you pay for. A higher quality towel will last you longer, saving you money in the long run. The real bonus is that spa-like lux feel when you step out of the shower! White towels scream fresh, clean and luxurious, so make sure to start there and then you can select a patterned set for your second set if you prefer.

So, tell us, what do you do to make your showers a luxurious experience?

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