Tucson Gem Show

I have just returned from the Tucson Gem Show completely invigorated and exuberant… Imagine going to the most amazing European market filled with delicious fruits, fresh baked breads, hand-made jams and organic everything… Well, that is the feeling that I get when I am walking for days through tiny booths filled with organic gemstones, rough and tumbled from thousands of years of nature’s homemade cooking. Literally, our most beautiful gemstones are made by Mother Nature – it takes thousands of years to create each one and no two are ever alike. Actually, that is the greatest challenge for Sandy and me when we are sourcing gems for each of my designs. We spent days and days trying to match gemstones so that my atelier can hand-make 50 to 100 of the same ring, necklace, pendant or earring. It is not easy… but it is rejuvenating, exciting, challenging and inspiring. I am actually fortunate to have a business where we only make limited quantities of each design, because nature only makes a certain amount of gems in a lifetime and I only want to use the finest that we can source from around the world.
Speaking of inspiring, I need to share something so exciting with all of my Rarities girls… On February 28th (in addition to my show which will feature the best of the recent presentations in Italy and Tucson) I have my very first Today’s Special. I promise that you have never seen anything like the quality, design and value of the Rarities TS which will celebrate the very last day of the month and will wrap up Tucson Gem Month at HSN. In my two hour Rarities show, I am truly celebrating Tucson Gem Month with the most outrageous drusy and wood rings and bangles; Indian rose cut diamond and sterling silver jewelry; slices of magnificent gems; amethyst everything (February’s birthstone) and the most outrageous moonstone and labradorite hoop earrings and rings… and that is just the beginning!
I wish I could post pictures of my Today’s Special, but then I would ruin my most amazing surprise. Believe me when I tell you, it is going to be the best jewelry moment ever and I have the honor and privilege of being the one to bring it to every HSN/Rarities jewelry connoisseur.
So please tune in on February 28th, I will be on from midnight – 1am; noon – 1pm; and 8 – 10pm with my February Rarities TS and two hour gem and jewelry extravaganza. I can’t even wait to share all of my new fabulous finds with you. Here is a sneak peak of our trip… Sandy and I worked hard, but when the day finally ended we kicked back and relaxed in the beautiful cool Arizona air (we were obsessed with the fire pit) and John Bosco and I got to talk jewelry and gems while I showed off my newest ring design to him. Take a look at some of the pictures of the gemstones that we saw and get ready for the most phenomenal February jewelry show EVER!!! And yes, I was tired, wore no make-up and never felt better! For a Rarities girl like me, several days at a Gem Show is like a month at a fancy spa except instead of getting mud massages; I am knee deep in mud and dirt digging through piles of lose rough stones to transform into the very best gems on the planet.

With HSN Buyer Sandy in Tucson Showing my ring to John Bosco of HSN
Lots of gems… and more gems in Tucson!
In the meantime, make sure to join me on my Facebook page so that we can create an amazing dialogue and you can get to know me a little better… and perhaps I can hear from you what you love and want to see from Rarities. Happy Gem Month jewelry aficionados!!!! See you on the 28th for lots of brilliance, sparkle, laughs, learning and Rarities!
Lots of love,
Carol (aka The Queen of Diamonds)
Tune in to HSN on February 28th – Midnight-1am, Noon-1pm, and 8-10pm

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