Top 10 Tools Every Kitchen Must Have

Whether you love to cook or you depend on the Chinese food delivery guy to keep you alive, we’ve got the goods on ten must-have items for your kitchen. You amateur chefs may find out that you’re missing a few secret weapons in your kitchen arsenal. And for you take-out junkies, stocking up on these handy items that make cooking easier may help you enjoy more home-cooked meals.
Cake Pan: Nordic Ware Nonstick Rectangular Cake Pan Item: 304-918
Unless you have something personal against cake, then you gotta have a cake pan. Even if you’re fully on Team Pie in the never-ending battle of cake vs. pie, a cake pan can do double duty as a casserole dish. It will bake up just about anything you can put in it
Lidded Sauté Pan: Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite Stainless Steel 10″ Sauté Pan Item: 344-653
This stainless steel saute pan from Wolfgang Puck is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It’s got a non-stick surface and browns meats and veggies evenly.
Saucepan: GreenPan™ with Thermolon™ 1.5qt Saucepan with Glass Lid Item: 551-274
You probably already have a boiler for rice and pasta, but do you have a small saucepan just for sauces? You need one if you really want to add that chef-quality to your home-cooked meals. This pan has a great nonstickcoating that’s environmentally friendly and won’t chip off in your food.

Knife Set: Wolfgang Puck Signature 16-piece Forged Cutlery Set Item: 109-255
If we’ve learned one thing from watching cooking shows it’s that cooking is a whole lot easier when you have sharp knives to help you along the way. A sharp blade does half the cooking work for you. The knives in this set from Wolfgang Puck can cut, slice, chop, dice, julienne and fillet just about anything.
Spice Mills: Wolfgang Puck Set of 2 Stainless Steel Spice Mills Item: 967-673
Nothing steps up your cooking more easily than switching from the canned stuff to fresh ground pepper. Seriously, it makes a huge difference and it couldn’t be simpler or cheaper to do. Use these super chic spice mills for fresh pepper, sea salt, and any other fresh spices you have. Your taste buds will thank you!
Food Processor: Wolfgang Puck 3-in-1 Blender, Food Processor and Juicer Item: 955-912
This is an easy one. If you’re cooking for more than just one person, you’re going to want a food processor that really cut downs on cooking time. And this one from Wolfgang Puck is a triple threat! It’s a juicer and blender, too!We see strawberry-banana smoothies in your future.
Cast-Iron: Wolfgang Puck Enamel-Coated Cast Iron 4qt Covered Multi Pot Item: 959-851
Paella? Risotto? Stews? Braised meats? Is your mouth watering yet? Pick up one of these versatile cast iron pots to add that extra oomph to your stove-top cooking.

Slow Cooker: Emeril™ by T-fal® 6qt Slow Cooker Item: 118-392
There’s nothing like a slow cooker to prep it and forget it. One-pot cooking is perfect for hearty, yummy meals for the whole family without too much fuss. Check out these recipes for some supper-time inspiration!
Measuring Cups and Spoons: Debbie Meyer Magnetic Measuring Cups and Spoons™ Item: 413-940
If you’re anything life us, you may have a hodgepodge of random measuring spoons and maybe a mismatched measuring cup or two. Well, check out this set of measuring cups and spoons from Debbie Meyer. Take the guesswork out of your cooking completely! Also, this set is completely stack-able and magnetic so you won’t have to scramble in drawers and cabinets for the tool you need.
Frypan: Emerilware™ Stainless Steel Nonstick 10″ Open Frypan Item: 512-672
Every cook, no matter how casual or professional, needs a non-stick frying pan. The nonstick surface makes frying up and egg or a couple of burgers super quick and easy with very little mess.
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