The 10 Beauty Hacks We Need To Know

The 10 Beauty Hacks We Need To Know

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We love to find shortcuts that can get us from point A to point B a little faster and our beauty routine is no exception. Some days there isn’t enough time to pull out all the stops with our makeup or hair but with a few tricks we can still head out the door confident about our handiwork. Try out these 10 beauty hacks to help you through every beauty emergency and to turn your hardest prep work into a breeze.


1. Mascara As Eye Liner

If you run out of your favorite gel or liquid eyeliner you can easily make your mascara do double duty. All you need is a small liner brush to swipe some of the mascara product from the wand. Keep a mascara handy like the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara that comes in black, brown, or blue. It can nourish, lift and separate lashes, and help you as a liner on short notice!

Benefit They're Real! Mascara


2. Too Dark Foundation

If you buy a foundation that’s accidentally too dark, you may still be able to make it work. Mix some of your daily moisturizer into a too dark foundation to subtly lighten it. Another idea is to mix a moisturizing sunscreen like the MDSolarSciences™ SPF 50 Mineral Creme into the foundation too for flawless skin that’s also smartly protected.

MDSolarSciences™ SPF 50 Mineral Creme


3. Bobby Pin Power

Stop strands from slipping out of their style with bobby pins. The trick is to first coat each pin with hairspray before inserting it into hair. This way you’ll need to use less all over product and just have extra-holding power where it counts.


4. Lipstick Off Teeth

Avoid this makeup mishap all with the help of your index finger. After applying lipstick we want to wipe our lips from the inside out. Do this by just sticking your finger in your mouth and then pulling it out quickly so it makes a “pop.” You’ll notice the excess lipstick now on your finger instead of your pearly whites.


5. Parched Feet or Hands

If you’re plagued by  daily dry feet or hands then the solution could be to care for it at night. For a deep treatment while you dream, cleanse skin and apply a nourishing moisturizer to feet and hands and then cover up with socks and gloves. The Korres Greek Yoghurt Head-to-Toe Hydration Set comes equipped to help you take care of it all!

Korres Greek Yoghurt Head-to-Toe Hydration Set


6. Dried Out Mascara

When mascara ages it naturally forms clumps and begins to dry out, and after 3 months we should replace our product to avoid eye infections. If you’re in a pinch however and need to refresh your mascara for one last use try adding a few drop of contact lens solution to the tube and clean off the brush. It should almost be like new after.


7. Hide Dark Roots

If you have naturally dark hair but are currently sporting a blonde shade you can cover up the regrowth between salon visits by spraying roots with dry shampoo or baby powder then tease the crown and let hair fall into an undefined side part.


8. T-shirt Towels

If your hair is always frizzy after showering then listen up! Fluffy towels may feel luxurious on skin but their grooves and heavy material can be too rough on hair. Repurpose old t-shirts to dry wet hair. The soft cotton cloth will absorb excess water while leaving more moisture with your head. It will also help avoid pulling or roughing up the delicate strands.


9. Grown Out Manicures

No chips in sight but their is noticeable grow out at the cuticle base on your manicure. Stretch the time between needing to completely repolish your nails by bedazzling the original style once you notice growth. Choose an accent polish like this Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer  in “Boom Boom Pow” to add to the base of  your nails for a glittery disguise to growth.

Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer  in "Boom Boom Pow”


10. Prevent Creasing Eyeshadow

Sweat and oil will take a toll on our makeup every time and the most noticeable wear is usually on the eyes. Prevent the look of caked on eyeshadow by setting eyelids with a primer. The Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol packs a punch with SPF protection and a crease-resistant primer that will stand up to the heat.

Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol


What’s one of your beauty hacks?

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