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SIGNATURE STYLE: Stop! Look! Listen!
Do you ever really listen to what people say about what you are wearing? I do! Last week I was walking across 57th street in Manhattan and I was wearing my typical Friday “uniform”. Flared Rock and Republic jeans, my most favorite $88.00 navy cropped 3/4 sleeve jacket (from a department store in Paris) sky high chunky platform pumps and my favorite Chanel scarf (a gift from my girlfriend Ella). On each wrist I wore my Rarities cuffs (the Moonstone and Labradorite).
On my ears were my favorite Rarity of all… my new crown spring turquoise and diamond pear shaped earrings and on my fingers were a crown spring turquoise ring on one hand and my new deco diamond ring (from November’s show) on the other. As I walked across the street, people stared at my wrists or ears and just said, “amazing” or “love your bracelets” or “smoking hot earrings“. And it was not just one or two comments… in five blocks I must have received six complements. Accessorizing is an art… and for me it defines my Signature Style! Once I stopped, looked and listened to people admiring my well dressed wrists, ears and fingers, I realized that I have always been defined by my jewelry. I tend to wear a blank canvas of neutral colors so I can paint my jewels on every day – and each day my glittering gems tell a very different story.
I have often been described as “the tall blonde with fabulous jewelry”… and since I was not born naturally beautiful or thin, I developed a thick skin and a taste for amazing accessories. So while my canvas is neutral (I have brown eyes), I realized that peridot, prasiolite or green diamonds could add a lot of drama and maybe even make me feel like I had the green eyes that I always admired . I also realized that my magnificent gems allow me to flaunt what I am most proud of… my confidence, passion and compassion. I have a big heart (one that I tend to wear on my sleeve), so if my jewels let my best assets shine through…. I have arrived at a signature style that I love! My jewelry gives me the confidence to let my true self shine… and I hope my style speaks volumes about my character and passion!
What is your signature style? Post your picture on my Facebook Fan PageRarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie on
Last week I was photographed walking down the street by beautiful – they did a little piece on my signature style; take a look at mine and let’s check out yours.

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