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The April Stylist Today’s Special was a big success. We introduced a brand new presser foot from SINGER called the ‘flower foot’. The new foot sews different sized circles with any of the built in decorative stitches giving the circles an abstract, contemporary fancy flower look. The first tip to remember is to make sure that your attachment is being held onto the shank with the special screw that is included in the package. This special screw has an indentation in the center so that the attachment can ‘lock’ in place.
The second tip is to make sure that the little sideways pin on the attachment is inserted into the small hole on the back of the presser foot ankle. Make sure that it is pushed snugly in place.
The third tip is to be sure to stabilize the fabric that you are using to sew the circles. Use an iron-on tear away stabilizer to give you the support needed for a smooth run while allowing you to rip it away when your flower has been completed. If you do not use a tear-away, the stabilizer will be sewn to the fabric and you will be forced to leave it on the finished project or have to cut around each flower to remove the stabilizer.

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SERGING 101When you first remove your new serger from the box it will already be threaded for four thread sewing. Simply plug it in and raise the thread guide to begin. Although there are many functions that your new serger will afford you, following are three settings that I promised to share with you from my live presentations on April 16th.

3 Thread Blanketstitch Wide Overcast

  • Left needle only – (remove right needle)
  • Keeps thread from unraveling and provides a moisture barrier
  • Wooly Nylon in upper looper (3rd from left)
  • Tension Dial on “2”
  • Hand Thread Wooly Nylon through upper tension guide
  • Stitch Length “3”
  • Differential on Neutral
  • Knife 4.5

2 Thread FlatLock

  • Pearl Cotton in Lower Looper (far right thread)
  • Use Spreader on upper looper
  • Left Tension needle (1)
  • Right Tension lower looper (4)
  • Stitch Length (3)
  • Hand Thread Top tension guide
  • Lower Knife at 4 *** Pull seams flat after serging

2 Thread pearl attachment overcasting

  • Left needle (remove right needle)
  • Use Spreader on upper looper
  • Stitch Length (3)
  • Lower Looper tension (2) with Monofiliment thread
  • Green Needle Right tension (4)
  • Lower knife at (R)
  • Change to Pearl foot


Many of you may have noticed that there have been four different SINGER Futura Embroidery machines offered in the last six months. All of the Futura machines at HSN are packaged as a tremendous offer so let’s try to sum up their differences.
The SES (Sewing, Embroidery, Serging) 1000 and the Futura 150 each have 24 built in stitch patterns as electronic sewing machines and 5 built-in alphabet fonts. The major differences are in the add-on software packages and/or bonus feet.
The Futura 250 and 350 have 100 built in stitch patterns as electronic sewing machines and 10 built-in alphabet fonts. Both models have built-in AutoPunch digitizing software. The major differences are in the add-on software packages and/or bonus feet. The 350 is the only model that offers the editing software.
All of the Futura models have 120 built-in designs when used as an embroidery machine. All Futura models are powered for embroidery by your personal computer after installing the software. For up to date info on our latest offering, please check the detailed descriptions on dot com. Singer also has a product compare feature on their website.
May 11th – 9am, 5pm, 11pm
May 12th – 5am
May 26th – 7am, 4pm
Regardless of what machine you have, you can manipulate fabrics into new and exciting wardrobe or home décor items to save money, release your creativity and renew your spirit. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day and next month be sure to check my personal website where the next sewing blog will be posted.
Sew Your Dream,

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