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Here we are in our third week of July and the summer has officially hit its stride. My summer has been so crazy busy working on rarities, but now it is time to get out of my studio and travel. I am heading to Greece after my July 24 show on HSNtv to get some incredible inspiration and ideas for summer 2010. Isn’t it just crazy that we are already starting to work on collections for next year? Well, in the world of rarities, time is essential.
Because I am working with unique gems and rare cuts, I need to get designs in early so that sandy (my gem buyer) can travel to all of the gem shows and international dealers to source the perfect gems for each piece. We need to find jewels that can be cut and fit in a uniform way because no gemstones are ever exactly alike. I always say that gems are like children. They are all unique and different, but possess many of the same qualities. Because they are born from the earth, they are each as individual and unique as we are.
Which brings me to my two boys … Noah is 11 and Grant is 9. Yesterday I went to visit them at sleep away camp, and I ended up having to bring Grant home. I was greatly conflicted by having to make such a difficult decision (he was supposed to stay for a full 7 weeks and he only made it for 3). Noah and Grant look like two gems cut from one piece of rough (I guess that would make me the rough, if you know what I mean)? Although they look so similar, they are so very different in their character and personalities. When I used to sit and watch the gem cutters look at an uncut diamond, I never could understand how they could see the beauty in these uneven, asymmetrical looking crystals. I never quite understood how they could estimate the exact size … and cut, color, and clarity for each magnificent diamond that would be cut from this rock.
Although mapping out a piece of rough is a science, the best cutters explain how it is instinctual. They just know. And I just knew that I had to bring Grant home from camp. Although he loved it there, he explained to us how sad he felt inside and that he couldn’t stop crying every time he thought of home. Noah, my 11-year old, said that the fun he was having outweighed the homesickness. This did not ring true for Grant, so I guess I produced two amazing diamonds who look so similar, but have such a unique character and cut. I learned such a valuable lesson from all of this. I followed my instincts…. There is a reason why they call it “women’s intuition,” right girlfriends?
So for the July collection you will see that I completely followed my instincts. First of all, there are tassels that the yoga toned can wear as belly chains or that the rest of us can wear as necklaces or belts. I love these tassel necklaces because they are the most versatile piece of jewelry ever created. Wrap one, two or three times around your neck and make a dramatic style statement. I have owned my own tassel necklaces for years and I could not resist putting them into the Rarities July collection. Actually, most of July is all about statement-making jewelry. Wait until you see the selection of earrings … from glamorous lavender, green and blue jade drop earrings (a favorite among all of the NY fashion editors); to oval 10k gold super chic earrings set with black sapphires, white zircon or turquoise (these will be my every day with a bikini Mykonos earrings); to the most über-glamorous pink Chalecony, diamond pave and mint quartz 1950s movie star-inspired drops (my every night out with a white goddess dress) earrings. There are necklaces to layer, coral stretch bracelets to stack, rings to die for and earrings that will make you shine with style and confidence (and Rarities is all about the fifth c … confidence!).
If you love beautiful colors and statement-making fine jewelry, the Rarities July collection is going to be the most over-the-top fabulous selection ever … tune in to see it all. And no matter what jewelry you choose this summer, I suggest you keep your jewelry sparkling by wiping off the oils and residue with a clean cloth or using a simple solution of sudsy warm water and a soft toothbrush to gently remove the natural build-up of oils and soaps that dull the sparkle and shine.
Is there a piece of jewelry that you are just dying for? Is there a design or gemstone that you are dreaming about? Let me know. I love hearing from you – there is no better way to get inspired than to hear what you want!!!
And lastly, an insider’s tip: get the “sure to sell out” rings from the Rarities July show right here on hsn.com. I suggest you buy these now for holiday gifts, as I will not be able to bring them back due to the difficult sourcing demands.
It was the hottest trend at the Tucson Gem Show, and we are bringing this to Rarities in its most organic and chic form. The amethyst drusy and agate ring is the must-have of this show. It is all about the rough, natural gem – without adding our polish and shine. We follow our instincts to choose the perfect rough and then it is a labor of love to source all of the rough and find craftsmen who can actually cut all of these. Wearing this ring is a statement of authenticity and the one piece of rarities jewelry that best expresses summer love!
Carol Brodie

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